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  1. Bump, perhaps someone from the dev team could point me which image would fit the pcduino3nano best, I've tried the cubietruck, now will try banana-pi
  2. Thanks, that's basically what I'm trying to achieve. I've downloaded the pre-made OMV 4 cubietruck image. It boot, usb and hdmi works. Will try others. That's interesting but the price, 2GB RAM + SATA + BOARD is 90$ - to expensive and if try putting 4 drives which are not 2.5" that doesn't make sense at all compared to an generic x86 mobo. I've moved all of my sata drives to 2 servers (since I already have all of the components), they give more place to play around and you can host VMs. I have now 3 alwinner boards. Orange PI PC + PI ONE + PCDuino 3 Nano. The ONE is used as pi-hole and will be used as vpn gateway probably. Still makes room for the other two boards to run something less resource intensive. =)
  3. I think you got me wrong, there are boards like cubietruck etc that have A20 CPU. I would like to know which is best compatible.
  4. Hi guys, I have PCDuino 3 Nano which worked fine on latest ARMBIAN on Debian Jessie which is moving to EOL and armbian support for this board was dropped due to lack of devices. I have used it mainly as OMV sever with sata drive but now I migrate to a x86 install and this board will be wiped as I would like to use at as vpn server etc. What are my alternatives? I know that still are a lot of A20 boards that have armbian support. Which of them I can use and what probably won't work?
  5. Works great on PCDuino3Nano, intalled this file for older kernel http://apt.armbian.com/pool/main/l/linux-u-boot-pcduino3nano-default/linux-u-boot-pcduino3nano_5.31_armhf.deb
  6. I have absolutely the same issue after upgrade to 5.36 on my PCDuino3Nano (A20 CPU), doesn't boot without HDMI in headless mode. Will try the method with rolling back u-boot and reply later. I'm using legacy kernels btw.
  7. Hi folks, I have a Miniand MiniX Plus 1Gb version that I plan to use as a small home-server with OMV and video-grabbing from my IP cam with VLC. This will be attached to 2 old IDE HDDs via USB-IDE adapter. http://linux-sunxi.org/Pineriver_H24 It has 2 usb ports on the front and a very bad wifi adapter soldered to a usb port internally. I have desoldered the WIFI module to change it for a USB-Ethernet adapter. So I have 2 USB ports and one USB-OTG port. Previously I've used the legacy kernel with fex files modding the USB configuration, to make all 3 USB ports act as USB. Recently I've tried the mainline kernel and I can't make the OTG-USB port to act as a USB port. I would be very happy if someone points me how to make this possible, if not I would stick back to legacy kernel with nand support and fex file. P.S. I have used PC-Duino2 for mainline images and cubieboard for legacy.
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