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  1. One of the existing configurations most suitable for my device is OrangePI. I assumed that it would be possible to create and use a configuration for my board based on it, if at least all suitable or compatible drivers are found. For example wireless-wlan {wifi_chip_type = "ap6356"; compatible = "wlan-platdata"; or ethernet @ fe300000 { compatible = "rockchip, rk3399-gmac"; At a minimum, the configuration for OpangePi does not recognize or does not support these most necessary interfaces. Of the ones I need, there is also a SATAIII controller on my board, but I do not know where and how it is described in DTS, maybe you can tell me
  2. I just assumed that some of the regular Armbian developers would look at my DTS and give at least comments like "all DTS hardware is supported by the project" or "not all hardware is supported".
  3. The Device Tree Source of this device is included in the attachment. Please help me to build Armbian with this hardware .. CloudnetGo-CR19-RK3399-box-rev2.dts
  4. None of the builds from https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/arm-64/ start on CloudnetGo CR19 I was able to successfully start "Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Orangepi-rk3399_focal_current_5.10.61_xfce_desktop" build, but she does not see the onboard network hardware. It is also impossible to view the list of PCI devices, since the lshw and hwinfo packages in this build are not available and I could not install them due to the network unavailability. I don’t know what to do in this situation, pls tell me a possible solution ..
  5. Do you think these builds won't work ?
  6. Thanks, i will try latest balbes150 build. I will report on the results as soon as they are.
  7. CloudnetGo CR19 (http://www.cloudnetgo.com/productinfo/138177.html) Has anyone dealt with this device? Is it possible to install Armbian on it? Which of the supported boards can this device be compatible with? Can any of the supported build configurations be used for this device? Or is it possible to install any of the prebuilt assemblies?
  8. http://www.cloudnetgo.com/productinfo/138177.html Which of the supported boards can this device be compatible with? Can any of the supported configurations be used to build a kernel for this device ?
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