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  1. @Myy Sorry, WGL was my mistake. I meant EGL, this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EGL_(API) At least for my use cases (TCP/UDP networking, file system, unmanaged interop with my C++ .so library), .NET Core 2.0 appears to work OK on both Armbian 4.4.88 and TinkerOS. I’ve already got the first TinkerBoard prototype working on TinkerOS. It doesn’t yet use the second DSI display, but GBM/DRM/EGL/GLES on HDMI, SPI, and TCP/IP (both Ethernet and WiFi) appear to work OK. However, if you’ll fix GPU drivers in Armbian, it’ll be awesome. And I’ll happ
  2. Thanks a lot for your help! In this case, I think I gonna start with Tinker OS, and try to remove or disable the components I don’t need. I need very few parts BTW, besides GPU driver & related stuff (GL ES, WGL, for Armbian also DRM and GBM, for Pi it was DispmanX instead) it’s only C++ runtime and .NET Core 2. I want to make an embeddable single-app OS for that Tinker Board, with minimalistic touchscreen-based GUI.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info. As far as I understood, there’s no hardware 3D acceleration in the current stable version on Armbian for RK3288. What about the “next” version of armbian, the one with kernel 4.13.3? Kernel GPU driver there is r19p0-01rel0 (UK version 10.6). It appears to be compatible with the latest userland components from libmali repository (i.e. I was able to compile & run a simple demo). Apparently they have one-way compatibility, i.e. userland driver 10.4 (the latest available on Rockchip’s github) is compatible with kernel driver 10.6.
  4. Thanks in advance! BTW, I’ve already saw that “-5396f8a” string, I was it in the output of the following command: $ cat /sys/module/mali/version -5396f8a Found the command searching for the version of the kernel-mode half of the GPU driver.
  5. Here’s the log, slightly redacted (personal info): http://const.me/tmp/armhwinfo.log
  6. Tried another userland driver, from https://developer.arm.com/products/software/mali-drivers/user-space, the one under Firefly, the file name “malit76xr12p004rel0linux1wayland.tar.gz” This one says file /dev/mali0 is not of a compatible version (user 10.2, kernel 10.1) Getting closer, but still doesn’t work. Where can I get the complete GPU driver, both kernel and userland parts, for latest Armbian 5.33 Tinkerboard Ubuntu xenial default? Thanks in advance!
  7. Here’s the code I’m trying to compile: https://gist.github.com/Miouyouyou/89e9fe56a2c59bce7d4a18a858f389ef Compilation command line: gcc -o drmgl Linux_DRM_OpenGLES.c -l mali-midgard-t76x-r13p0-r0p0-wayland -ldrm -I /usr/include/drm/ Userland parts of the GPU drivers are installed in /usr/local by the default installer, i.e. I executed git clone https://github.com/rockchip-linux/libmali.git cd libmali cmake . make sudo make instal
  8. The demo app I’m trying to build uses DRM DMS. OK, tried linking to mali-midgard-t76x-r13p0-r0p0-wayland. The result is very similar: ERROR: The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system. The DDK was built for 0x750 r0p0 status range [1..1], but none of the GPUs matched: failed to initialize failed to initialize EGL I have the device: $ ls /dev/mali* /dev/mali0 After sudo chmod 0666 /dev/mali0 the error message changes to file /dev/mali0 is not of a compatible version (user 10.4, kernel 10.
  9. Hi. I need hardware OpenGL ES, at least 2.0. I’ve tried this https://github.com/rockchip-linux/libmali It works OK on latest Asus OS 2.0.1, but for Armbian 5.33 kernel 4.4.88 it doesn’t: ERROR: The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system. The DDK was built for 0x750 r0p0 status range [1..1], but none of the GPUs matched: Segmentation fault I don’t have much experience with Linux, but IMO it might mean the kernel + userland parts of the GPU driver are incompatible. Is there a working GPU driver for