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  1. Solved, got in UART mode and flashed the correct image.
  2. Hi, just got my espressobin v7 and choose 1200_750 ddr4 image, later then I end up in here and see the warning about the bricking chance on this image with v7. I'll get into this issue tomorrow again but by now it would be a relief if you could tell me that the rescue tips actually works for this case, would it? Didn't try it yet... Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi asterisk-user, I removed emmc unit from odroid, plugged with emmc to sd adaptor on my laptop, browsed "dtb-3.14.67-odroidc2.old" folder on boot partition, copied onto "dtb" folder on same partition, overwriting the old one. Don't forget to dismount the emmc before removing it from your computer for well known reasons... It should work by then Hope it can help!
  4. Well, I went into these problems too... It seems that dtb file has any inconsistency... I'm running with EMMC too, after the upgrade, the blue led turns on, after few seconds went down and then turned on againd, and there goes this cycle, on and on... No video, no LAN, nothing. Copying dtb from 5.14 solved the problem and the board boot up again, no problem.