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  1. Just cancel the topic please. armbianmonitor.log.tgz
  2. Fought this for a while ..... Had weird outputs on a i2cdetect -y 0 , and a DS3231 w. eeprom Using This kernel : uname -a Linux opio2 4.14.18-sunxi #24 SMP Fri Feb 9 16:24:32 CET 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux I had to add/activate i2c0 and/or i2c1 via overlays. In /boot/armbianEnv.txt Add the below i2c0 (and i2c1 if needed) to the overlays line (or create the line if needed). overlays= ....... i2c0 i2c1 /Bingo
  3. @darren I actually have no idea if a "own" build of ntp is required , in order to enable PPS support - On Armbian. But i saw that they recently released a new version , so i just build that one w. PPS support to be sure. Thank you for the info about the "viz" , will give it a try. Btw: Seems line ntpviz is a python program that's included in the git repos , no need to build anything Bingo
  4. @darethehair Nice page you have made :-) But i decided to go with plain ntp , and have just built ntp-4.2.8p11 w. refclocks (PPS) enabled. I'm actually going to use a GPSDO connected to an active 4-chan GPS-antenna splitter , connected to an outside 26dB timing antenna. The splitter ia already driving a Trimble Thunderbolt , and a HP Z3801A , and occationally a Motorola M12+ timing receiver that diciplines my PRS-10 Rubidium clock. My latest GPSDO had to be used for something else (too) , and i decided for NTP. The GPSDO has 10MHz and 1-PPS outputs , and i'm going to "snag a copy" of the 1-PPS pulse to feed the OPI-One board. The OPI board will (besides NTP) also run "Lady Heather" to dicipline the GPSDO. I have just installed LXDE + VNC on the OPI , in order to be able to see the LH output. The 10MHz out will be connected to a TAPR-1 , 6-Chan 10MHz distribution board , that will be used as an instrument "External Osc" reference. Right now i'm struggling w. the chassis for the various boards , but i hope to have it running within a week or two. Rgds Bingo (A certified Time-Nut ...) :-) Ps: I Love the generated Graphs , and would consider building ntpsec , just for snipping ntpviz. Would you mind showing your ntpwiz config file ? And is the only logging used for those graphs , these lines in ntp.conf ? # stats enable stats statistics loopstats
  5. @darethehair I got the parameters from this post (OPIZ) https://forum.armbian.com/topic/4944-opi-zero-gps-ntpserver/ Would you mind providing a short recipe for getting & compiling the ntp daemon that works ? Well basically just point me to the source you used /Bingo
  6. Works on a OPI One too :-) https://forum.armbian.com/topic/703Q3-solved-orangepi-one-1-pps-ntp-server/ Thanx for the guide /Bingo
  7. Another question Does anyone know if 1-PPS support is enabled in the NTPdaemon that is in the armbian repos ? I suppose it is , since the OPIZ description doesn't mention that one have to build an own ntpd. But if anyone knows for sure, it would be a nice info /Bingo
  8. Doohh ... User error - 1PPS wasn't enabled on the GPS. The OPIO Kernel works fine w. 1-PPS $ sudo ppstest /dev/pps0 trying PPS source "/dev/pps0" found PPS source "/dev/pps0" ok, found 1 source(s), now start fetching data... source 0 - assert 1524154630.697340907, sequence: 6793 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154631.697261112, sequence: 6794 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154632.697166525, sequence: 6795 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154633.697084896, sequence: 6796 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154634.697017267, sequence: 6797 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154635.696924515, sequence: 6798 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154636.696832013, sequence: 6799 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 source 0 - assert 1524154637.696757469, sequence: 6800 - clear 0.000000000, sequence: 0 Ps: The 1-PPS ticks are NOT from the GPS yet , it was from a STM32-Bluepill where i just whipped up a quick 1-PPS pulse /Bingo *** Original post *** Gents I would like to use a OrangePI One as a NTP Server w. 1-PPS support. And i'm using this "recipe" for a OPIZ https://forum.armbian.com/topic/4944-opi-zero-gps-ntpserver/ But i seem to have some problems getting the 1-PPS to work on the OPIO. I'm not experienced in the new Linux IO setup (Those overlays) , and i could miss something there. I was hoping that the kernel for the OPIO had the same stuff enabled as the OPIZ (according to the url above) Could this be an "IO Overlay" problem ?? Setup: I have downloaded the "latest Debian server image , and it runs fine. Armbian_5.38_Orangepione_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.14.7z $ uname -a Linux opio1 4.14.18-sunxi #24 SMP Fri Feb 9 16:24:32 CET 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux I have added the overlay_prefix & param_pps_pin to the below file. $ cat /boot/armbianEnv.txt verbosity=1 logo=disabled console=both disp_mode=1920x1080p60 overlay_prefix=sun8i-h3 rootdev=UUID=a769471e-a787-40d3-8298-d31c195f1bb9 rootfstype=ext4 overlays=uart1 pps-gpio param_pps_pin=PA7 usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u And have this output during boot: $ dmesg | grep pps [ 3.178515] pps_core: LinuxPPS API ver. 1 registered [ 3.178519] pps_core: Software ver. 5.3.6 - Copyright 2005-2007 Rodolfo Giometti [ 10.787644] pps pps0: new PPS source pps@0.-1 [ 10.787698] pps pps0: Registered IRQ 56 as PPS source I have connected my 1-PPS tp PA7 (OPIO pin 29) but according to the below url (ppstest) , it (OPIO) doesn't react I am following this one , for testing etc. https://ava.upuaut.net/?p=726 sudo ppstest /dev/pps0 I have a feeling that there is a simple soluton/explanation for this , but i'm a bit lost. If anyone could help out i would be gratefull TIA /Bingo
  9. Well i'll be ...... The system boots fine on Debian Stretch now I downloaded the image once more , and wrote it to the Sandisk SD card It boots fine... This has to be a USER error (me ...) ... Prob. SD writing or bad SD to micro SD adapter. Thats embarsasing. Sorry for the "Noise" , and thank you for the immediate support , and getting me to pull out the FTDI TTL uart adapter /Bingo boot-ok.txt.tar.bz2
  10. Ohh here's a log from uboot reset Can't do a log from power-on , as the usb-device dissapear , and so does putty /Bingo reset-boot-bad.txt.tar.bz2
  11. Seems like i end up in Uboot See boot-bad I included a succesfull boot from jessie too /Bingo boot-bad.txt.tar.bz2 OPIone-jessie.txt.tar.bz2
  12. Hi Guyzz Just got a OPI1 (H3 512MB), and was trying out the stretch image from here https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-one/ https://dl.armbian.com/orangepione/Debian_stretch_next.7z It won't boot It starts up , w. both Orange & Green leds on lan , then i can see it requests a dhcp address , and it gets one (req/offer runs many times), then nothing happens after that. Just - Green light blinks on lan , Orange is unlit. I tried to write (linux dd) it on 2 different SD-cards , a 8GB Intenso , and also a 16GB Sandisk - same behaviour. I grabbed the latest Jessie from the archive , and wrote it to the Intenso 8GB , and it booted fine w. jessie. I don't mind running jessie for now. Just wanted to inform you Thanx for a nice Distro for my OPI's (Zero's & One's) Edit: sha256sum matches , so no DL corruption /Bingo
  13. Ohh yes Preparing to unpack .../hostapd_2%3a2.6-4~armbian5.34.171017+1_armhf.deb ... Thanx Igor /Bingo
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