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  1. Hi Bruce, seems you are right - we are the only ones. But I learned a lot about linux in the last weeks I thought I could use this little box as a backup-machine (and my scanner can only be used with linux). I had the idea to get the firmware from remix - but I failed to mount mmcblk0. So we'll have to wait until a guru will come and help Best regards from Hessen Ralph
  2. Hi, is bluetooth running on your installation? Viele Grüße aus Hessen Ralph
  3. Got It there was a mistake with the wget and cp command and I do not understand what really happened. In the brcmfmac4330-sdio.txt was a lot of html-code. So at last I copie-pasted the content from github ... and it works. Great work from you, thank you!
  4. Hi Bruce, tried your solution but there is no wlan. I even did not find any information in the logs except this: [ 2.155650] RPC: Registered tcp NFSv4.1 backchannel transport module. [ 2.155817] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] no power_on_pin2 [ 2.155830] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] set pwm as 32k output [ 2.155892] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] interrupt_pin=235 [ 2.155904] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] irq_num=100, irq_trigger_type=1 [ 2.155918] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] power_on_pin=234 [ 2.155929] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_dev_probe] clock_32k_pin=0 [ 2.156234] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_setup_dt] wifi_setup_dt [ 2.156268] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_setup_dt] interrupt_pin(235) [ 2.156288] aml_wifi wifi.30: [wifi_setup_dt] power_on_pin(234) [ 2.156521] Unpacking initramfs... At the moment I throw my rifle in the grainfield
  5. Hello Bruce, yes, that's me at Youtube Hope it's ok that I posted the solution here I found with your assistance. PS I am still fighting the wlan-problem.
  6. Found the answer: Boot-Mode must be changed - Download update-tool from here: http://update-backup.apk.black/ and then install aml_autoscript.zip (which is on the sd-card) I had to start the console (press pin trough the av opening and boot) ... and suddenly it works. Hope this helps others Regards Ralph
  7. Hello Bruce, sorry I do not have a solution but only some questions: As I use the same box (Orbsmart RX-01) I tried to install Armian on it ... without success, the box allways starts Remix. No errors, as if there is no sd-card inserted. First question: where did you find "ARMBIAN 5.32 user-built Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.14.0-rc2-next-20170929-amlogics905x" ? Second question: Did you format the sdcard before installing the iso with etcher? Which parameters did you use? Would be nice if you could help me, Greeting from Germany Ralph