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  1. I have not even tried. I am not interested in running LibreElec/Kodi on this box. I have many cheap s905x boxes with 1GB/8GB and they work very well with LibreElec (like x96/x96 mini, T96N, A95x (not the R1 version - this is rockchip) and many others). There is not much hardware needed to play media over LAN. Cheapest s905x boxes cost just about €20 or so... and everything is still included, even HDMI cable and remote. I'd take one of those if I want just to run Kodi. Those work very well for me. Just pop in microSD with LibreElec and you are good to go (might need some magic - like pushing a button hidden in AV out port or placing empty file on SD card and selecting manual update from Android. It is just for the first boot, after that you do not have to do it anymore. If SD is inserted it boots from SD, if not it boots Android from internal flash). Or if you want the best software support - Raspberry Pi is a good choice. Of course it needs lot of extra bits like memory card, power brick, cables, case, etc. My interest is to run Linux Server on this box. Just because I got it really cheap and it has 4GB of RAM. My other boxes have 1GB or 2GB and even 2GB is bit too short for what I want to do. 4GB would be perfect. And to be honest, I have not worked on the issue at the moment. So no progress with booting Linux either.
  2. I found this thread in LibreElec forum: And I tried latest image from At the time of writing that is LibreELEC-ROCK64.aarch64-8.2-devel-20171004193222-r26173-gd404dbb.img.gz zcat LibreELEC-ROCK64.aarch64-8.2-devel-20171004193222-r26173-gd404dbb.img.gz | dd of=/dev/<sd card device> bs=1M Just insert SD card, apply power and you get LibreElec. Well, it is without WiFi at the moment and probably some other things might not work. But it means it is possible to boot from SD card and have linux running on this box. So, little bit of info from that site... bit of tinkering with armbian root image and we should have cheap linux server with 4GB of RAM, running from SD card. I'm not sure I can do it... but I might try. I am very interested in getting headless linux server running on that box. EDIT: Looks like Armbian Rock64 image has hardcoded DTB in bootloader (first 16MB of SD card): fdtfile=rockchip/rk3328-rock64.dtb So that is difficult to change... or you could replace contents of that file... BUT read on... It also looks like DTB is embedded into bootloader part of the SD (starting at ABOUT 0x00A916E8 - not exact number, look there and you see DTB info). So even changing DTB filename or replacing rk3328-rock64.dtb contents with something else will probably have no effect at all. So everthing relating to DTBs is built into bootloader at compile time and altering it is difficult. To build Arbian release for our box we probably have to take full source package, modify it, and build our own image. OR... maybe we can replace DTB embedded into bootloader... I will look into it. If there is (enough) empty space at the end, I will try to overwrite DTB. I have this box sitting on the shelf for at least half a year now... would be nice if I finally can use it for what I wanted it for. Another edit: Maybe Armbian image is not meant to be flashed to SD card but into eMMC. That also might be the reason why it is not working.
  3. Not sure how to get proper DTB file. I can extract it from android but will it work? I tried with generic ROCK64 images and default DTB. I remember from LibreElec and s905x that you must use correct DTB for kernel in use. So DTB is decompiled and recompiled somehow. Not sure how. DTBs for different hardware was provided with every new version. Looks like there is something that looks like serial console under heatsink. Just up from flash memory chip. I have not removed heatsink yet because I do not have anything at hand to reattach it later.
  4. If I have SD card inserted and power on, nothing happens. Red led stays on and that's all. Looks like it tries to boot from SD but something is not right. If I push that button when powering on, then still nothing happens. Red led stays on and that is all. Of course without serial console I have no idea what is going on. I'll take a look under heatsink. Thaks for that tip.
  5. Here are images of A5X Max. It really has 4GB RAM (8x512MB chips, 4 on both sides). I have been unable to boot anything from SD card. No obvious place to solder serial console either, or at least I can not see it. I would like to run linux on it. I kind of hoped I can when I picked up really good deal and was really excited about 4GB RAM. But so far no progress.