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  1. If I convert rootfs to btrfs do I need to rebuild /boot/initrd.img-5.4.20-sunxi. E.g. is it enough to convert ext4 to btrfs on another PC and replace rootfstype=ext4 by rootfstype=btrfs in /boot/armbianEnv.txt? Armbian 2020.02.1 mainline with default kernel, orange pi plus I need a compression because OPI+ supports cards up to 32 Gb only. Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you mean apt install docker-ce:armhf or something else? Related, but most wanted question - Can we start two docker servers with two archs? for example: unix:///var/run/docker-armv7l.sock - socket for dockerd instance with arm arch unix:///var/run/docker-arm64.sock - socket for another dockerd instance with arm64 arch
  3. Thank you for voting. Why not. Definitely yes. As well as for JetBrains and Microsoft developer tools. Opt-in or opt-out whatever you want)
  4. Its a just a proposal. It would be nice to have a anonymous telemetry result that summarize boards and armbian popularity (distro, kernel, CPU from /proc/cpuinfo and memory size, board name if available) Another board's popularity source that is also interesting is a poll about boards in use (board name, development tools) Please star/mark this post to make it important for @Igor
  5. Hi, all! I've organized public reverse proxy using nginx+vpn for my pi-board: Also i made significant addition to h3control: management of online cores. Looking forward for feedback Vlad
  6. Hi! Yesterday i upgraded ugly Chinese linux to Armbian 16.04 LTS and tested h3control on it. All, except daemon installer, worked fine. Now daemon installer had been fixed. I need any help in testing of it on H3/H2/H5 boards with legacy/mainline kernels. h3control - is a headless daemon/console tool to check and control CPU, DDR frequency and built-in temperature sensor via embedded http-server. It distinguishes from Armbian tools (h3's consumption and monitor): It doesn't rely on particular linux distribution. The only prerequisite is a mono. It tested with mono from 3.2.8 (released in Feb 2014) to 5.4 (current stable). It is a web app. App was designed for compatibility with many-years-old mobile tablets/phones. Built-in browsers from Android 4+ and iOS 7+ are fully supported. Here are two kinds of one-line installers: - launch h3control in terminal: wget -q -nv -O - | bash - install and launch h3control daemon: wget -q -nv -O - | bash links: User/Install Guide and screenshots: History and Whats New: First topic on Orange PI forum: Source code: picture: Looking forward for feedback Vlad P.S. Please install mono first: apt-get install mono-complete