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  1. I didn't cause I just have one TV at home I tried to find some config on it but of course I couldn't change anything for RCA input. Anyway I'll try to test in another device and I'll post if successful here. Thanks in advance;
  2. Thank you for the answer. by the way I tried using directly the 13 pins interface (ground + tv out) and the result is the same. maybe some problem with this new board v 1.4. I'm asking partial refund once I cannot use the TV out but still being able to use it remotely thanks in advance.
  3. This seems to be the most important thread for me in this forum. So I would like to know if anyone of you guys faced some problem like mine and if yes, how you guys solved? I can boot any system on my opi zero (armbian, h3droid, retrorangepi, the ones release for xunlong team) bit h The image in my tv out keeps roling quickly from bottom to top and I cannot even read to try fix it. I really need this out to work, even with bad video quality. If someone know something to help me here, please share. Note: using xunlong 3.5mm to rca cable (red as video out)...san disk ultra as sd card. Xunlong 2A power supply (same result with others)
  4. When I tried to boot with a slow sd card I could realize no image but the board was on. So I though that using a better SD It could work fine. But no. Even using my San Disk ultra I still having the same behavior for any OS: armbian, h3droid, retrorange pi 3.0.1 or even the provided one at orange's page. Please. If someone faced the same behavior. Share here any solutions is welcome. Note: I don't know how to access it thought ssh too it seems to refuse connection.
  5. Thank you for answering. So I can assume that just using retrorsnge I can have a decent video out in this board?
  6. Please. Anyone? How to fix my tv out using expansion board av javk output to fit a ntsc tv?
  7. I got an Orange Pi zero with expansion board and tried many images , the original ones, h3droid and armbian legacy...by the way, all the systems show the image in a looping on my tv(rolling from bottom to top). Is there something to fix it or any reason that can cause it?
  8. Any prevision to have a stable release for Orange Pi Prime? I'm actually waiting for a debian based armbian image instead of Ubuntu. Someone who tried this unstable version on a pi prime can share the faced issues?