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  1. Hi. I've always had problem with the composite output (cutted edges) so i gave a try to the latest release. Unfortunatly the video does not show up at all. Anyone still using the old Opi0?
  2. hi. it seems this setup is still the only available to set the resolution. i'm using it successfully. is there a way to select the overscan?
  3. Interesting thread. Now i know why my arduino does not work as expected in the otg port. In the and the port can be used as host, talking to mouse and memory stick, or as otg, talking to a pc, but not both.
  4. Now it works. My mistake was to use the otg usb port with an adapter. orange pi lite has got a microusb otg port. maybe with a non-otg adapter it may work. now i'm using a regular usb port without any adapter. it seem a nice setup for arduino programming.
  5. arduino ide. speed is not selectable but il always 115200. /dev/ttyUSB0 sometimes appears in the list. sometimes not. anyway trying to access it always lock the ide or any other program. even an F3 (display) with MidnightCommander lock MC itself. i've already assigned my user to the dialout group. before doing that any access retuned an error, but not now.
  6. hi peter. did you succede? the serial port showup but i can not write to a Nano. no errors. just hung.
  7. ahahahahahha had the same problem. even bought a new power supply and a new sd card BUT!!!!! oh shit... the first login ask to change the password and the prompt say "current password". here I failed to enter 1234 again!!!! so the trick is to type twice 1234 and then the new password... anyone need a 16gb sd card????
  8. My opi0 works out of the box, but video quality is orrible. Colour are blurried. Anyone with a better experience?