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  1. Thank you Segv for the info. Are you running the Piano headless? I'd like to run Kodi on the box and also have it running a NFS and SMB server as well. Just curious if audio and video are working under Armbian.
  2. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Sorry, I haven't had much time to play with it over the holidays. Maybe in the new year.
  3. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    I'll test it when I get time.
  4. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Finally received my SCISHION V88 Piano box. I was able to burn the DietPi image for Rock64 to a micro SD card, place it in the micro SD slot, apply power and it booted up to a login. The ethernet showed up as eth0 but I couldn't connect to anything. Wireless also wasn't working. I'm not sure what else is broken.
  5. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    It's in the first post in this thread. I also tried the DietPi image for ROCK64 and that worked well too. I loaded a Libreelec image and it booted but there was no sound. Probably needs the correct device tree.
  6. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Sorry, I put the wrong box. It's this one SCISHION V88 Mini III TV Box RK3328- 2/8GB 2.4 WiFi Fast Lan.
  7. rob0809

    Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Say man, I have SCISHION V88 mini II RK3229 TV Box. I loaded the ROCK64 Ubuntu Mate image on a mcroSD card and it booted up without doing anything. No toothpick, no standing on my head, no nothing. Ethernet worked until I upgraded the kernel. Or maybe it was because of the reboot. Not sure. The MAC address of the NIC changes with every reboot. So I plugged a USB ethernet adapter into the USB 3.0 port and I had network connectivity again. I was able to run Subsonic and Samba/NFS on it to make it a media and file server with decent throughput due to the USB 3.0 port. For under $30, not a bad little box and things will only get better when/if a proper device tree is available for the box. Well now that I think of it, the box was $30 but if you add another $10 for a USB NIC and another $10 for a USB 3.0 hub, it loses it's appeal as a cheap NAS.