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    jonsmirl got a reaction from geektillithertz in request for Banana Pi M64   
    I have verified that the kernel inside of this:
    Builds, loads into the M64 eMMC using PhoenixCard, and will boot out of the eMMC.
    That is a recent Android 6.01 dump from Allwinner with M64 support added in.
    I will start turning it back into a repo (it started out as a repo and the middlemen removed the repo support) based on AOSP and load the git trees on gitlab. It is going to take me a couple of days to turn it back into a repo. Meanwhile you can download it and extract the working eMMC driver from it.
    The M64 eMMC wants to run in DDR mode. The older kernel in my Pine64 Android 5.1 does not have working eMMC DDR support in it.
    PS - the build tools were moved from that dump, you will have to add them back in.
    PPS - running pack on the Android side does not generate a valid image, in lichee './ pack' does.