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  1. ...and here the results for a sata attached HDD (not SSD) ext 4 formatted: https://pastebin.com/HTxjsnVw ...and just for comparison, same HDD ntfs formatted: https://pastebin.com/FiWApctm
  2. thank you tkaiser. I will change my storage system according to your recommendation and post the results here. In fact, I just ordered a sata cable, so I will use the SATA with my HDD drive (changed to ext4) to squeeze out the most of espressobin. /bunny
  3. Dear all, i just wanted to add my 2 cents to the I/O Performance testing. I posted my results here: http://espressobin.net/forums/topic/performance-tests/ In short, connected to 1 GB Port on my router, I got 98 MB/s when running iPerf. Reading/Writing speed is around 20 MB/s via Samba Share. /Bunny