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  1. Hello Igor. I just want to let you know that it worked . A few things I'd like to mention: 1. I deleted all the existing dtb files in /boot, and copied over the -cubox ones from /boot/dtb (I probably should have symlinked, but I was afraid the bootloader couldn't follow it). 2. I had to remove the hostapd package just like the script does because of the conflict, like you mentioned 3. I didn't touch the boot scripts. /boot/uEnv.txt was very similar to what you linked me to, besides the consoleblank, vt.global_cursor_default, and loglevel settings. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Igor. Wow, thanks for the light-speed reply! Okay I'll try doing that and give you feedback. FYI I'm upgrading from your 2.1 wheezy setup - evidently before you had debs, etc. I'm excited to be able to do updates like a "normal" debian box! Thanks for all your hard work. I'll be donating soon.
  3. Hi. I had to force my way through the upgrade script working. I haven't rebooted yet, but I'm crossing my fingers . Here are the three issues: 1. cubox-i shows as "unsupported" and the script dies. /proc/cpuinfo shows: Hardware : Freescale i.MX6 ... ...which isn't in the list in the script. 2. The script crashes and can't handle the situation where the apt-get upgrade prompts you about configuration files. For example, my /etc/bash.bashrc was different than the packaged version. The script won't take input and hangs. I see the "-y" in the script, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work right. 3. /boot/script.bin - a symlink is made to a nonexistent file. It looks like this isn't important, but I'm not sure. The /boot/bin directory doesn't exist. 4. "cubox-i" isn't in the selection list of "board"s. I hardcoded it at the top and the script seems to have progressed. Thanks!