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  1. Hello i need some help. I want to access my OPI+2E remotely over the internet. I tried to use TeamViewer couldn't make it to run on armbian i followed all the instructions posted here on forum but it didn't help. I don't have static ip any other way to do it? Kindly, help me.
  2. Sir can i use 5v 4a power adapter with my opi + 2E . Will it be sufficient as I'll be using one external hdd and a cooling fan too
  3. Sorry sir but its a small cooling fan of 5v 0.2a how to enable gpio on orange pi plus 2e to turn fan on
  4. I don't know why fan doesn't work on my OPI +2E i even connected fan on gpio pin 4 and 6 . I'm noob but learning stuffs None of the gpio pins is working . Please tell me how to turn this 2 pin on for my fan. Please help me !!!
  5. Thanks sir I don't have opi plus 2e now but i've placed an order and i'll get it soon because earlier board was a piece of crap and didn't boot. Does it really play videos at 60fps on 1366*768 resolution? as they are advertising it. BTW thanks ARMBIAN community is so helpful. ORANGE PI COMMUNITY is ufff they have not approved me yet. THANKS EVERYONE!!!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion sir. You are right sir i'm really sorry if i had asked something not related to this forum. As @Igor said armbian+kali-tools would make a good cocktail which led me to find some ways to make it happen and then i came to know about this SCRIPT named KATOOLIN . But that post stated that this script can be used with UBUNTU. CAN I USE KATOOLIN WITH ARMBIAN AS WELL? Now i am thinking about using ARMBIAN+KATOOLIN. Just want to know sir, is ARMBIAN stable and does it has any issues? THANKS.
  7. And i really don't know who the # is MR. ROBOT and what he does. I just wanna learn how to use these things. THANKS
  8. A guy named LOBORIS has made few images(including Kali linux and Fedora) for opi H3 boards but there are no script.bin and uimage for OPI_PLUSE_2E and it's years since LOBORIS has not updated that post. If someone can provide me or tell me from where i can get these two things i'll be olbliged. Thanks. sorry if said something NOOBISH i'm completely new in these feild.
  9. First of all thanks guys for your suggestions. How can i download those KALI-TOOLS on armbian. It would be helpful if you tell me because I'm really learning how to use those tools. THANKS.
  10. CAN I USE ORANGE PI PLUS 2 images(OS) on ORANGE PI PLUS 2E HI, I need help can i use opi plus 2 images on my opi plus 2e like kali linux and fedora. i would have asaked the same question on opi forum but they have not approved my registration yet. if anyone can help me i'll be much obliged. THANKS.
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