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  1. Thank you, I will try to convert the HDD, guess it will take a while for a 1T drive on USB2.0 ARM SBC.
  2. Connected with a JMS567 controller SATA to USB3.0 adapter, my PC2 managed to read and write at external HDD(NTFS) near 30MB/s, but the H5 CPU load percentage is above 70% on all 4 core, is there any tweaks I can apply to lower the CPU load? Or I have to change the Disk type to linux native formats? Also I didn't use tools like smartctl or hdparm before, are they useable on Armbian? I didn't get enough info from them through the JMS567 SATA to USB setup, are these issues casue by the adapter or the OS?
  3. My knowledge is limited even to archive simple task on these SBC, I still trying to find good resources to improve my understanding. Your reply is a lot of help to me, thank you.
  4. You are absolutely right, I think these kind of mistake is too common and counter productive. And I feel stupid to make one more.
  5. Sorry to mess it, I'm new to the forum, and the process to find the solution. I've attach the armhwinfo.log manually in the last reply (AMonitor prompt"network firewall problem" at my first try), I thought it was what you ask for. The link is http://sprunge.us/MHBP, thank you for your reply. I understand your frustration, please accept my apologies.
  6. On my Orange Pi PC2, I try to copy some file from external USB HDD , the read speed is only 1MB /s. The HDD is 2.5" 1TB NTFS format, could this be a power insufficient issue? Or I missed to mounting it properly?
  7. I heard a click sound from the hard disk, so I think the mist for me is clear now, thank you very much, I'm not quite sure why Raspberry pi can power up the HD, yet the orange pi pc 2 doesn't, it's connected to a 2.4A rating PSU.
  8. Yes, HD drain power from SBC, I'm using a 2.5" 1T disk, It was working flawlessly on raspberry pi2's USB ports. Any way to test it? Thx.
  9. Thank your for the good works to make these board run much better. I have ARMBIAN 5.34.171116 install on opi pc2, what I try to archive is rather simple. I can mount usb stick, but not usb hard disk, after plugin, the disk (NS1068x controller) will turn on LED, but seems nothing happen in /dev/. My knowledge can not help me beyond this point, Any help will be appreciated
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