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  1. Now i got test it all of the gmx files and wait 5 Minutes for each file. All the different files make me stuck on the Box boot logo and i don´t have a blackscreen but nothing happens
  2. Sorry but it doesn´t work. The same Problem (Blackscreen and lost Signal on Monitor)
  3. The z69 (s905x) now runs without the dtb file! Both s912 Boxes doesn´t work with and without the dtb.img (gxm_q200_3g.dtb) from here
  4. My Medium are SD and USB I have tried it but the same problem! :C where can i find a log file to see whats wrong?
  5. Hi @ all, i got 3 Boxes and cant boot in Armbian. I think i´ve put the right dtb.img file (correct in Libreelec) in the boot root Directory. My Image is Armbian_5.34_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_server_20171104