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  1. Regarding `dd`, I realize its easy to mess up, which is why I included a warning in the blog post to begin with. I guess the power supply and sd card (firmware hacked to report a false size) issues arise from using cheap Chinese electronics, as that seems to be the majority of the userbase. I'm Chinese and I understand, lol Interesting that the site appears to 404 for a while. I haven't been able to reproduce this with any browser. Could be Cloudflare messing up. Oh nice, didn't know about that forum section. I'll repost there. Thanks Igor!
  2. Hey everyone, I wrote a guide a while back on setting up Armbian on the Orange Pi Zero, with key-based ssh access enabled. Thought I'd share it with this forum I'd love feedback, questions and also definitely send pull requests if you have any edits or changes to propose!