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  1. Thank you very much Rob for reporting. It's still not bad result for a start, booting from SD card seems to be a problem on many other boxes. I hope some developers could help to resolve the ethernet issues in the future. Can you test whether USB 3 port is working full speed?
  2. Sorry, but I don't have the box to review it Only review I found is video in portuguese? language (but I don't understand it): Seems we have to wait until someone who already bought the box shares his opinions and experiences...
  3. here is the the summary of features:
  4. Anyone tested "SCISHION V88 Piano" box? Gigabit ethernet, 4GB ram, nice thermal case design, DRM widevine level 1, ... seems to me like a nice RK3328 box. The smaller SCISHION box is booting from the card, not sure about this one.