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  1. @Tido - sorry for the very delayed reply to this post. I will give this a try, thanks!
  2. Sorry for this novice question, I am sure I am missing this in the documentation somewhere... When creating Armbian images using the included build system, I notice that the kernel is downloaded each time I run a build. This of course takes a decent amount of time to pull via git. Is there a way to simply point the build system to a local cached folder that already contains kernel sources already downloaded? That would speed up my iterations significantly. Thanks!
  3. Yes, the Armbian Config "Install to eMMC" worked as well. I can even boot directly from eMMC, which is really nice.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! @Tido, I have not run armbianmonitor, so I will check that out. Thanks for the tip! @zador - I *think* I do have a valid Device Tree, and here is what leads me to believe this: My first plan of attack for this board was to simply download and use the Allwinner BSP located on the Pine64 wiki website. That turned out to be a nightmare (not really a surprise), but one interesting artifact of that process might be worthwhile. After unzipping the BSP, examining the folder/file structure, and replacing one of their pre-defined buil
  5. Hello Armbian Community, As you can see by my post count, I am new to Armbian, but so far have found it to be an amazing resource, and truly appreciate the hard work you all do. Its really impressive, and your knowledge and understanding of SBC’s is incredible. I am attempting to get Armbian working on a custom A64 device that was originally designed to be used as a Point-of-sale machine, that runs Android. I understand I am venturing into uncharted territory here, and this is absolutely not supported, but it’s a fun project and I am learning a ton. I am asking for help, b