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  1. Hi to all, I update this box with VS RK3399 debian Image. Working yes, but USB 3.0 and wifi not work. But I am looking for ubuntu mate imafe, if exist thx
  2. XX7

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)

    I didt find propret dtb file I open my box and find out that there is WiFi modul based on SCI S9082C could anybody advise how to solve this problem..
  3. XX7

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)

    hi I have two AMLogic TV box. 1. MeCool M8S pro plus - Mate working ok, but there is no Wifi (is there any way to add driver for this Wifi) 2.T95Zplus - Mate working ok, but there is problem with LAN driver, I cannot conect over lan cable, Wifi working ok, but every restart I need to enter comand "sudo modprobe dhd" is it any solution to permanent change this options Thx balbes150 and big respect for your work!
  4. In my research I find out that possible problem is because teamviewer not support architecture arm64, only support armHF. Possibel this two version have some similarity and can be hack, but I did't find the way. Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  5. hi I am newbie and need help regarding instaling teamviewer on armbian. I have TVbox M8Spro+ with armbian mate, all working well except wifi, but this is minorr problem LAN working ok. But my biggest problem is how to instal and start working with teamviewer. I try to follow command : wget http://download.teamviewer.com/download/linux/version_11x/teamviewer-host_armhf.deb sudo dpkg -i teamviewer-host_armhf.deb sudo apt install -f cat /etc/teamviewer/global.conf | grep ClientID teamviewer passwd my_password After that I try to find out ID in the: /etc/teamviewer/global.conf, and some ID is recorder. I check but ID always is offline. I try to start teamviewer with comand sudo teamviewer daemon start, I get feedback from system: systemctl start teamviewerd.service Failed to start teamviewerd.service: Unit teamviewerd.service not found. fail Pls advise, thx.
  6. XX7

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)

    hi guys I have two question: - how to enable autologin (mate ver. 1104) - on same version I have problem with running Teamviewer installing temaviewrer pass ok, but I cannot start, windows never show up