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  1. Hello. I found this thread when I was searching for the best option for a low-powered torrent box. I signed up so that I can share the following: I was using a NAS with a 88F5182 CPU and 128 MB of RAM, modded with Transmission, and it could download at max. speeds of around 2+ MB/s, but would crash once in a while. Now, it's malfunctioning (it's around 5 years old), so I had to pry it open to take out the HD (replaced more than once; the current one was manufactured in 2013, and from an old laptop) and test it. (The process for installing and prepping a new HD is tedious.) When I tried getting the same torrent using the PC (i5 with 8 GB RAM) attached to the same router, etc.), I got speeds of more than 5 Mb/s with no crashes. Given that, I'm guessing that the best torrent boxes require enough CPU and memory to download at high speeds. If that's the case, then it will require more electricity, and might be something like a cheap laptop, NUC, used x86 desktop, etc. Another alternative is a seedbox with a monthly rate.
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