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    I first came to Armbian because I wanted a board that the RPF couldn't supply, namely a 5 port gigabit router type board to replace an aging DD-WRT router I'd been using.  This lead me to the Banana Pi BPI-R1 and after trying various distro's on it, I ultimately settled on using Armbian. 
    Now I no longer have that board having retired it for a different system due to performance issues but I continue to buy and use various SBC's and always use Armbian when I can.  It's familiar, fast, and gives me all the features I need without any bloat or preconfigured assumptions on software I should use.  I really like using SBC's in place of gigantic, power-hungry PC systems whenever and wherever I can as they are so much more cost effective to use.  The power savings alone have paid for several Orange Pi systems around my house.  I can mold these tiny computers to fit my will and stash them all over the house to perform any task I see fit!  Mwuhahaha!