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    dhewg got a reaction from RussianNeuroMancer in EspressoBin mainline u-boot/atf   
    New patches for mainline u-boot have been posted, so that espressobin should finally work now.
    That gives us a recent version of u-boot, compared to that old and unmaintained marvell fork.
    I opened a PR for OpenWRT to ship mainline u-boot/atf builds. Those also include distro boot:
    And now we need testers
    openwrt/openwrt#3360 (comment)
    While this is a PR for OpenWRT, I boot vanilla debian with it. In the end the distro shouldn't matter
    * All builds are currently CPU_800_DDR_800 only for stability reasons
    * There is no build for v5 with 2GiB RAM, does anyone have such a board? builds added in the posted v2 binaries
    * The v5 1GiB build is 2CS, does anyone have 1GiB 1CS? builds added in the posted v2 binaries
    And feedback is appreciated!