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  1. I have similar issue and it's looks like Armbian-specific. At least it's not arm-specific as I can not reproduce it on on RPi3B and Snapdragon-based Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS with regular Ubuntu, and it's not mentioned in package issues in Ubuntu bugtracker. Is anyone have an idea what cause this issue and how to resolve it?
  2. I build today snapshot from oibaf for armhf too, but only for eoan: ppa:russianneuromancer/drivers
  3. WDS200T3X0C also works, tested on 4.4 and 5.3rc4.
  4. In case anyone need this, there is pre-build deb-packages for arm64 with enabled Panfrost: ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
  5. I donated a couple of Jetson Nano to Armbian devs
  6. I tried to build Mesa with enabled lima and kmsro drivers, seems like this work mostly fine: (for Ubuntu 19.04 only, due to Mesa 19.0 dependencies). However, attempts to interact with lima via X11 always result in "libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate". ...and attempts to run glmark2-es2-wayland under Weston reveal that it running on llvmpipe. Testing on NanoPC-M1 with current dev kernel: ~$ dmesg | grep lima [ 9.943493] lima 1c40000.gpu: bus rate = 200000000 [ 9.943506] lima 1c40000.gpu: mod rate = 384000000 [ 9.950490] lima 1c40000.gpu: gp - mali400 version major 1 minor 1 [ 9.950539] lima 1c40000.gpu: pp0 - mali400 version major 1 minor 1 [ 9.950581] lima 1c40000.gpu: pp1 - mali400 version major 1 minor 1 [ 9.950629] lima 1c40000.gpu: l2 cache 64K, 4-way, 64byte cache line, 64bit external bus [ 9.960591] [drm] Initialized lima 1.0.0 20170325 for 1c40000.gpu on minor 1 (full log) I wonder if anyone was able to install Lima from Mesa upstream with current Armbian dev kernel and replicate at least this results?