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  1. Also tried Ubuntu 4.9.7 started to boot kernel but failed to boot Also tried new 4.9.7 debian cmd line next failed to boot Also tried tool created the following image thinking maybe tool would update itself due to new images in archive, but it failed to boot Armbian_5.25_Bananapim2_Debian_jessie_next_4.9.7-rt4_desktop.img I am just a user of Armbian and really appreciate all the work you developers put into this. But I don't get it why make available images and a tool that do not work for a particular board such as the Banana Pi M2 Tim
  2. Also tried Ubuntu which failed to boot Also tried command line archive failed to boot Also used tool to make dev image failed to boot Armbian_5.25_Bananapim2_Debian_jessie_dev_4.10.0_desktop.img Is it possible to get a older version of tool that worked for Banana PiM2 to add kernel to older image ? Tim
  3. Tried image from main download page would not boot Tried image from archive would not boot Tried using tool to build my own image and that also failed to boot. Tried older image which did boot, and tried adding new kernel using tool, after loading deb files it also would not reboot before reboot OS was not responding correctly. What I would like to accomplish is add my own patched kernel, (RT-PREEMPT) to debian desktop image for banana pi M2 Any help would be appreciated Tim
  4. Finished successfuly final file Wrote raw to sdcard hung for a bit then I had bananapim2 login: I logged in Thank you for choosing Armbian Support: root@bananapim2:~# typed startx result -bash: startx: command not found typed uname -a result Linux bananapim2_4.4.1-rt6-suxi #4 SMP PREEMPT RT Sat Feb 13 12:55:50 EST 2016 arm71 GNU/Linux Will I have to apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies or is something else missing that will take less time By the way THANKS A BUNCH
  5. #Run armbian tool again #Changes to # KERNEL_ONLY="no" KERNEL_CONFIGURE="yes" CLEAN_LEVEL="make,debs,images" PROGRESS_LOG_TO_FILE="yes" EXPERIMENTAL_DEBOOTSTRAP="yes" # I was using the first 3 choices on command line in terminal before with no changes to ./ #This time prompt came up with choices for RT PREEMPT then menuconfig also opened It is runniing hopefuly it finishes without failure
  6. FYI before build script updated this worked with wheezy I still have a sdcard running at this moment but without RT-Preempt
  7. Thank you for the quick reply I noticed in the last day armbian updated and process is different but this is what I just done and it failed #Reinstalled Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 server in Virtualbox and booted up sudo su - #Install armbian building script apt-get -y -qq install git git clone --depth 1 cp lib/ . #Run building script first time to set-up, (source, directorys ect.) ./ #Wheezy #XFCE desktop #Latest stable #Failed first run during install armbian on top debian wheezy base system while installing package x-11-server-utils, directorys were set up though #Setup patch cd ~/userpatches/kernel/sunxi-next wget gunzip *.gz cd ~ #Run armbian tool again ./ KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes CLEAN_LEVEL=make,debs,images #menuconfig did not start I do not know if patch was applied screen scroll was to fast #Failed again on second run during install armbian on top debian wheezy base system while installing package x-11-server-utils Am I doing something wrong
  8. I have a BPI-M2 and I am trying to patch kernel 4.4.1 with contents of archive patches-4.4.1-rt6.tar.gz for RT-Preempt while making Debian Wheezy xfce desktop image. I have tried putting patches in /userpatches/kernel/sunxi-dev and /userpatches/kernel/sunxi-dev/linux-vanilla/v4.4.1 nether worked. Made image but patches were not applied Any help would be appreciated Tim