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  1. testing 5.38 on cubietruck since yesterday. everything seems smooth apart from kworker eating CPU issue still there that probably can't be fixed yet (sunxi mainline bug?) I'll further test and report back other issues before downgrade kernel/headers to 5.32 (4.11.6 is last kernel "kworker bugfree") thanks for your work. running Debian stretch for server miltipurpose with success on a cubietruck is f*cking awesome
  2. definitely I had some thermal sensor related voices in my perf report. sorry for poor debugging but I had to revert back asap to 5.31 because at home my cubietruck needs to stay healthy and online 24/7
  3. hi. I want to share with you an issue encountered with my cubietruck (a20) with latest kernel (5.35 4.13.16) I have kworker who eats 15/20% of my CPU even after reboot. with 4.11.6 5.31 everything is fine. kworkers stays below 0.x % I tried perf monitoring but not able to find culprit. any hint? it's on my side or is a common issue? thanks for all your effort ale