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  1. Hi chwe, Thanks for a quick response. To be honest with you it was a sight of relief when it booted up. I got this board about 6 months before and couldn't get a chance to power ip up. So it was sitting on my table as it was delivered. So when I got a chance after ordering SD Cards and the board didn't boot it was a disappointment. And I am very happy now that it is running flying. But Ubuntu (lubuntu) is taking up almost 8gb and Armbian is taking only 1gb and still full of packages and features which, I think, are required for a learning and building purposes. Is it not possible to compile Armbian from sources for x86-64? Is it really very laborious task to build it for another platform?
  2. Hi, I am back again. The new cards from SanDisk work like a charm. There were some hitches related to power supply but at the end my board booted up and I made initial configurations. The reason for this drill is, I want to learn building linux from sources. I also want to learn how to build, organize and pack the linux in iso image so it can be installed on other devices. I got a meegopad T02 stick with Intel Atom processor. I want to build Armbian for T02 from sources. Obviously it will be a cross compile. Yes, I want to build it on my Orange Pi no matter how long it takes to build. I want to check this board's potential. I have a very basic knowledge of linux and the building process. At the moment Ubuntu is installed on T02 and its size is almost 7gb. I want to use it as a headless server and I have found Armbian the best lightweight, small footprint OS with all the necessary tools and packages to work with. What is the difficulty level of this job for a newbie to build an Armbian linux image from Armbian source for T02. I will be very grateful if someone please advise me on this. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, First of all I am very grateful to you all for helping me resolving the issue. After a number hit & trial attempts I have concluded (almost) that my SD cards were the culprit. They were fake. I am going to return them and have ordered new one. I will let you know how it goes when the new one is delivered. Once again thanks a bunch to all of you.
  4. At the moment I am trying to use Armbian_5.25_Orangepione_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113. I have also tried other latest images (Ubuntu & Debian) but same results. That's correct when I attach USB Drive with same image copied to it as on uSD Card then system starts booting from USB Drive after initial boot process from uSD Card. I got 2 Samsumg Evo+ 16gb crads. They are brand new. I also got generic class 10 8gb uSD card. It is not possible that all cards are corrupted. I checked all cards with H2testw and it is reporting that all cards are 100% corrupted. I simply can't believe it. I am using genuine power supply which comes with Samsung Galaxy 10 Tab. It is 5v 2A. and the cable USB to DC 4mm cable. I have attached a 3 port USB2.0 hub. If I attach keyboard to onboard USB the result is still same.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your response. Yes I did. The results are same on a generic class 10 HC 8gb MicroSD card and Samsung Evo+ 16gb UHS-I class 10 MicroSD card. On both cards it cannot load u-boot script. Please have a look at the screenshots if it can help you understand the real issue. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am trying to boot up my OP1 with debian jessie and ubuntu images but both of them are not booting. If I attach a USB drive and it has the same image written on it as on SD Card then it boots from USB drive. Am I missing something? Plz Help. I got JPEGs of the screen when it tries to boot but fails with error but I cannot manage to upload them. Thanks
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