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  1. @Werner @NicoD There seems to have an issue with the clock implementation in the kernel. You can look at @megi explanation about PLL lock of the NKMP clock. Allwinner GPU clock is actually prone to overshooting which make the GPU DVFS not usable at the time.
  2. Hi @Icenowy, Thanks for explanations and the dev is really nice :). I have rebuilt from scratch my buildroot + adding PCIUTILS but rtw PCI drivers is still not working properly :/. buildroot branch used: https://github.com/clementperon/buildroot/commits/beelink_gs1_pcie_wrapped linux patches are taken from kernel : https://github.com/clementperon/linux/commits/h6_pcie_wrapped Output of lspci -vv I have also try to rebuild from my previous work (your old PCIe stash + AW dirty patches) but can't make it works neither :'(. https://github.com/clementperon/linux/commits/h6_pcie Just sayin' that because I'm now convinced the issue is coming from my setup and not from the virtualization layer. Regards, Clement
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