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  1. Can someone please tell me if I need a latency patch? Here are my results: root@nanopineo:/home/nanopi/rt-tests# sudo ./cyclictest -a -t -n -p80 # /dev/cpu_dma_latency set to 0us policy: fifo: loadavg: 0.73 0.63 0.42 1/98 8763 T: 0 ( 8735) P:80 I:1000 C: 101511 Min: 10 Act: 61 Avg: 65 Max: 2279 T: 1 ( 8736) P:80 I:1500 C: 67687 Min: 11 Act: 50 Avg: 62 Max: 252 T: 2 ( 8737) P:80 I:2000 C: 50765 Min: 11 Act: 49 Avg: 59 Max: 248 T: 3 ( 8738) P:80 I:2500 C: 40612 Min: 12 Act: 62 Avg: 61 Max: 312 and here's my current kernel: root@nanopineo:/home/nanopi/rt-tests# uname -a Linux nanopineo 3.4.113-sun8i #4 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 22 13:45:28 CET 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux Thanks
  2. mockingbird

    NanoPi Neo 1.31

    Sounds good. I locked myself out of Webmin last night and the SSH isn't accepting the default password, so I'll have to access it via serial console (It's not made perfectly clear in the documentation, but you need a serial to TTY converter for this to work). I already used the console for the initial install so I know that it works perfectly (Use something like ExtraPutty in UTF-8 mode to get a nice colorful console). My next step will be to apply the latency kernel patches... Thanks for mentioning armbian-config. I'll definitely have to install that, as it looks like it offers similar functionality to confconsole from Turnkey LAMP, and I was missing that.
  3. mockingbird

    NanoPi Neo 1.31

    I recently received my kit, which consists of the Neo, heatsink, and acrylic shell. Installed Debian_jessie_default.7z with Etcher onto a Kingston SDCIT/8GBSP. PCB 1.3+ uses a more sophisticated voltage regulator than earlier revisions... The temperature is excellent so far (only 40c). I can run some more tests if someone provides instructions. So these boards do not in fact require a heavy copper plane for heat dissipation. I did use a superior heat pad rather than the one that is provided with the heatsink kit. Ideally, you would want something like a 4mm or so copper shim with good quality thermal paste applied to both sides. I also considered thermally coupling the RAM to the heatsink but decided not to. I am running Webmin with Apache and PHP for some very basic web server functionality (media relaying server). All-in-all, I'd highly recommend the Neo if you need a simple headless server. This was my first experience with a development board, and it was a good one. Cheers