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  1. I understand that and really appreciate your work. The idea of my post was not a request for the fix but rather a search for it. Is there any method I can use to implement 2019.10 u-boot into the current sources, if not senseless?
  2. Well, I'll try. FYI the 2020.10 u-boot is also partially broken for the Nanopi Neo 2 board. It also does not read the environment file, without throuwing error, however, and the u-boot console does not work. All that was working in older releases of the u-boot: have just checked for Nanopi Neo with 2019.10 u-boot. How can I compare 2019.10 and 2020.10 sources? Regards! NJ
  3. Actually the board does boot and works ok with the both images. The problems is that the u-boot can not load the environment. NJ
  4. Hello, I have problems with the u-boot both with the prebuild "Armbian_21.05.1_Nanopineo_buster_current_5.10.34" image from the armbian.com and with the "Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Nanopineo_buster_current_5.10.59_minimal" image built form sources . First of all, the u-boot versions are different. The prebuilt image has "U-Boot 2021.04-armbian" and the second one - "2020.10" The board boots ok with the both images, but the u-boot does not see the SD card properly and is not able to load the environment file from it: "Loading Environment from FAT... Card did not respond to voltage select! : -110" Is there any fix for this problem? Thanks, NJ
  5. Hi, If it's still actual, I can confirm that with the Bucking Horn's `nanopi-neo-stable-mac.dts` the MAC is fixed and is specific for the device. Thanks! NJ
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