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  1. you need to find a dtb file that could be used with that particular box, the S905W are quite different , so with some luck, one of the dtb files for the s905x or s905 will work. Otherwise you need to extract the dtb file in use on android and adapt it.
  2. [Update] I manage to change the bootup logo successfully, basically we need to unpack the logo.img and change the bootup.bmp with the wanted one, the format needs to be (16bit RGB565 BMP)
  3. @balbes150: I have checked the u-boot help command line and I could see the sdc_update command. So basically it is possible to update the bootloader from u-boot command line. My question is : What is the best way to flash a new u-boot on emmc (sdc_update from u-boot console or running dd if=u-boot.bin of=/dev/bootloader from running linux on SD card) ? The second thing is since I want to update the boot screen logo, I managed to extract the bootup.bmp from logo.img partition using this script https://github.com/steeve/aml-imgpack then I have repacked a new logo.img with the changed bootup.img file using the same script. so is it possible to update the logo.img using this command: "dd if=logo.img of=/dev/logo bs=32M" ? Thanks,
  4. No update at all, I have used the device as shipped, (no changes were made to dtb files) .
  5. Well it was a connector issue, I have changed connector and it worked like a charm, I have tested the device connector on S905, S905X and S905W with a success. This is good news because we don't need anymore to weld any thing on the board to get a serial output, we could even setenv on u-boot without booting on android or even root it. For those who are interested here is the link from where I have ordered the devices: Micro-SD-Card-Breakout-for-Exporting-UART-and-JTAG Have a nice uarting
  6. That is the model that I was referring to: https://linux-sunxi.org/MicroSD_Breakout I have bought something similar and it does send uart data over SD(It is the case for all amlogic socs.), the only problem is that this data is unreadable (unreadable chars). knowing that I'am using the S905X soc.
  7. Hello Guys , I have ordered Micro SD Card Breakout for Exporting UART and JTAG Pins to get serial output on the SD card port without making any welding on the box. I have test it and it seems to work. The problem is that the output is some king of unreadable characters. I don't know whether it is a config issue or something else ? Does any one have used the UART over SD port ? Thanks,
  8. I have found the issue, indeed the server packages does not contain pulseaudio and it seems that the alsa config files are not well configured to handle the volume control. I have installed and configured the pulse along with alsa config files and now I can perfectly control volume on all outputs (analog, hdmi, spdif.)
  9. Hello, I am trying to control volume Up/Down and mute through alsamixer with no success. When launching alsamixer the only changable device is DAC Digital, but actually it does not change anything, the volume remains at "56" and won't change. It is almost not possible to control volume through alsamixer or amixer command line. The only control I have found is the mute/unmute through /sys/class/amaudio but not the volume level ! It is the case for all armbian (debian, ubuntu) servers packages. I think some thing goes wrong... Any help or hint would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Typically most of the android boxes contains 1/8" coaxial spdif. So if your AV receiver (home theater) doesn't have a coaxial spdif input, you need to convert it to optical spdif. So you gonna need a cable like this: https://www.amazon.com/Micca-Premium-SPDIF-Digital-Coaxial/dp/B00V436UQU and to convert it to optical output something like this: https://www.ramelectronics.net/pof-820-1.aspx I know it is a hell of devices but this is the only way to get your optical output. But check may be your home theater has a coaxial spdif input and you are only going to need the first cable.
  11. Hello, Have you made a backup of your android image from emmc before ? I have got a same situation and I backup the emmc from running linux from SD card, so basically you need to bootup on linux from SD card then reflash the emmc using ddbr_restore script. may be uboot could not init emmc , but linux does.
  12. Ok I will check the help command. And make some search and get back if found something weird. Thanks,
  13. Is there a way to check the team of the u-boot installed ?
  14. What is the recommended way to flash the emmc uboot ? is it like so: dd if=u-boot.bin of=/dev/bootloader Thanks,
  15. @balbes150, yes of course I will record the /dev/bootloader which is the original u-boot that I could reflash it in case of problem. otherwise is it possible to flash the U-Boot that is used on the SD card to the /dev/bootloader ? Thanks,
  16. @balbes150: Is there a way to flash a fresh compiled u-boot directly on the emmc, by doing this , it is quite easy to do what ever we wants ? Thanks,
  17. That is what I did, I have created a new dtb file based on the default one present in the emmc, but with minor changes , and when I flash it dd if=./new_dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k with the new created one and reboot, the system is always using the old one present in the emmc !
  18. Thanks for reply, What do you mean by correct option dtb proper ID ? Is it something that I can do ? Thanks,
  19. @balbes150 Here is attached the serial output of the tvbox. Thanks for help console.log
  20. Ok , I will manage to get the UART output , need to make the UART output on the board.
  21. No not yet , is it possible to do so via serial console ? because via this command : dd if=./dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k it does not work !
  22. Thanks balbes150 for your reply. Yes but I have validate the fact that the dtb used in SD is the suitable one. I want to know Why when booting linux from eMMC it uses different dtb and how to change this dtb ? despite the fact that it is an Amlogic s905W, it works perfectly.
  23. I succeded to generate a dtb.img in android format (linux kernel header + dtb.img), The problem comes when I try to update the dtb using this command from LE running on SD or eMMC dd if=./dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k After rebooting the old dtb is always used !! it seems that u-boot is generating another dtb file and never taking the one that I have flashed on /dev/dtb !!! Any idea on how to resolve this dtb emmc issue ?
  24. [Update] I manage to make linux booting from the eMMC, it seems that the boot.img needs to be the same one recovered from android firmware. If we put anther one, the linux one it will ends up onto the recovery screen. [nextstep]: How to change the dtb file to be in sync with the one used on the SD card ? knowing that in andoird the dtb.img file is concatenated with some linux kernel header. any ideas ? Thanks
  25. [Update] I have backup the android firmware from another mxq box and restore the one that ends up onto the recovery screen, but when I try to install the firmware into the emmc using one of the two scripts (install.sh or nand_sata_install), I always ends up into the recovery screen. Here attached the recovery screen. I don't know why I cannot copy LE from SD to eMMC ? Thanks for your help,