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  1. I was also able to get hardware acceleration going following the same howto. The one thing I did different is that I used the Etnaviv GPU driver. Here is the steps I took. cd Downloads git clone git:// cd armada/ ls -l cd libdrm-armada/ ls mkdir m4; autoreconf -f -i ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-etnaviv make sudo make install cd .. ls git clone sudo git clone ETNA_SRC=$PWD/etna_viv git clone git:// sudo git clone git:// ls cd xf86-video-armada/ ls git checkout unstable-devel echo $ETNA_SRC # If make does not work the first time you can "make clean" after you have fixed the problems ./ --prefix=/usr --disable-vivante --enable-etnaviv --with-etnaviv-source=$ETNA_SRC make sudo make install ls cd conf/ ls vim xorg-sample.conf sudo cp xorg-sample.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf # We need to install a more recent version of libgl1-mesa-dri to get the Etnaviv GPU driver. # This will install version 13.0.6 which is not the latest. To get the latest we will have to compile it ourself. # Use apt pinning for this. # Create files /etc/apt/preferences if it does not already exist. # Add this Package: * Pin: release a=stable Pin-Priority: 1000 Package: * Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 2 Package: libgl1-mesa-dri Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 1001 # You may need to add all of libgl1-mesa-dri dependecies as well to this apt pinning preferences. # Add this to /etc/apt/sources.list deb unstable main contrib non-free # Then install libgl1-mesa-dri apt-get update apt-get -t unstable install libgl1-mesa-dri reboot glxgears -info I am on Armbian Stretch with kernel 4.13.16. Please correct me if I miss spoken.