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  1. Hello, It seems a few weeks ago linux-headers-3.4.113-sun8i package was removed from armbian repo. Is it persistent? How I can get it? Thank you. -- BR Oleg
  2. Thank you for answers guys. It seems I understand now the way I should explore.
  3. I want to have my SDCard storage fully encrypted including /etc and /home so it can be used with particular OrangePI Zero board. USB drive is not an option for me, so I thought for SPI-boot with some storage keys for SDCard.
  4. Hello, Is such configuration possible: 1. Orange Pi Zero + 2. SPI-boot with no USB storage 3. SD Card has armbian files, but it is not bootable. I red that there is configuration with SPI-boot + USB storage, but not sure if there is a guide/possibility to continue use SD Card. Is that possible, is there any guide? Thank you.
  5. tried mainline. it is the same. Also one more interesting thing may be related is that it doesn't detect more than 6 USB-Audio cards. For instance I use two hubs with 4 cards each. Any 6 of them are detected fine but not more. Or is there some limitation at usb/udev/alsa/kernel level?
  6. Sure. 3 cards (recording start immediately after reboot) orangepizero:~$ cat /proc/interrupts CPU0 CPU1 CPU2 CPU3 10: 152 0 0 0 sunxi_gpio_irq_chip xradio_irq 29: 5980 4478 6802 4509 GIC arch_timer 30: 0 0 0 0 GIC arch_timer 32: 541 0 0 0 GIC uart0 38: 24 0 0 0 GIC twi0 39: 18 0 0 0 GIC twi1 43: 0
  7. Hello, I use Orange Pi Zero + 4 ports USB hub + CM108 USB-Audio cards with mic-in. All by default. Each mic is captured with sipmle commands like: arecord -v -r 44100 -c 1 -D "hw:CARD=Device_1,DEV=0" -f S16_LE > mic1.wav When 3 cards capturing simultaneous all working well. But if I start capturing with 4th card simultaneous I get two cards with crackling recorded audio. I even can see that arecord saves less data from these two cards (file size is less than with 3 cards). No error/warning provided anywhere (dmesg, syslog, arecord).