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  1. Alexio

    H3 devices as NAS

    Thank you for the prompt reply, then I will not invest in UASP hardware for now. I've also ordered the Y-cables. Hopefully that solves the 'OPi not booting with HDD's' issue. To be continued...
  2. Alexio

    H3 devices as NAS

    The last days I'm testing (or at least, trying to test) if a Orange Pi Plus 2e is going to replace my NAS based on a Banana Pi M1*. I've connected the Orange pi to a 5V5A PSU and want to attach two HDD's to it. Without HDD's the Pi boots perfectly fine, trying to boot with the disks connected and it won't boot at all. Do I need to add a second power to the disks? If yes, how? Is a Y-cable the best practice? I could cut the 2nd USB plug (red one) and attach it to the PSU directly. After days of searching and reading I also find this 'UASP magic'. My current hardware is not compatible with UASP (I would need 2x enclosure and 2x Y-cable). Before I invest in new stuff, UASP only works with the mainline kernel and not with the legacy kernel? I've read that the Ethernet connection with mainline is buggy and that it is advised to use legacy for server applications. Would you advise to buy UASP compatible hardware and switch to the mainline kernel? *: on the banana pi I have two HDD's connected, one via sata and one via usb. Because of the current limit on the Micro usb plug I've attacehed the power input of the sata disk to the same power supply as the banana pi.
  3. I think I have the same issue on a Banana pi (non pro). Last weekend I started building my 'Banana-Pi-openmediavault' server from scratch with V5. In openmediavault I'm unable to mount the attached sata drive. When mounting OMV returns the following error: Failed to mount '*ID*': mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so I've tried formatting the HDD to ext3 and ext4, both to no avail.