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  1. Thanks for your report and test. This new board revision has NAND and probably a different memory chip arangement (hence DRAM: 0MiB). Since Uboot is part of the armbian image, it is board-specific. So needs different / changed uboot for this board. Can you check to get the dtb file? Can help see what is memory configuration. But overall, the performance of R69 is really bad due to the heat issue. I am currently well impressed with AMlogic :).
  2. Used the corresponding q201 dtb that came with the image file.
  3. Hi, On X92 S912 Box i do not get the UI to start anymore with the newer releases. After initial script asking for the user details, screen is only flashing between mangled text and blank, like x11 starting crashing starting... With 4.18-rc5 kernel it was working. Br, Allwonder
  4. How to get X92 more fully working: I can use the image Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_4.18.0-rc5_xfce_20180806.img.xz quite fine with the X92 2G/16G box. However, you need to use the meson-gxm-vega-s96.dtb file instead of meson-gxm-q201.dtb (only change to q201 in s96 is activation of correct external gbit phy) to get Ethernet working. Also for working WiFi, download firmware-nonfree and place the files "brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin brcmfmac43455-sdio.clm_blob brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt" from the brcm directory into /lib/firmware/brcm on the rootfs partition of SD card. Bluetooth part currently not working. No front display support. Trying to build a complete matching dtb from original android os extracted dtb... Br, Allwonder
  5. I belive eMMC issue could be related to the version of the eMMC protocol.