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  1. Hi Jock, I actually just installed on flash normally from armbian-config without changing anything and it works great. From my understanding you need the device tree from the original android image right? Unfortunately I didn't create any backups beforehand so I guess this is how it is
  2. Originally when I opened the link it says File is in owner's trash. I managed to make it work by changing the link with this format : https://drive.google.com/uc?id=...&export=download I succesfully boot debian using sd card with this image: I have an EMCP board so is booting by sd is the only way to run? By the way, everything is fine except as usual, wifi is not working . My board is using the esp8089 chip. Pictures of my board : https://imgur.com/a/Dc5PAnI I've tried these suggestions: None of this seem to work. Anyways thank you for the amazing support now I can run klipper on my 3d printers with these cheap boxes since raspberry pi is really expensive in my country
  3. Hello everyone, I think the multitool link is broken. Can anyone let me know where I can download the multitool? I tried compiling it myself from the github page on my windows pc but it says "Line 49: multistrap : command not found". Thank you
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