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  1. Hum, I'd have check this out but I would not be surprised if the channels were swapped. Audio is still a "work in progress" at the moment. I'll try to have look at this later on. Thanks for reporting the problem
  2. The LPA fix is already in 4.15-rc4, it will eventually be backported to the stable tree. If everything goes well, it should the same for the EEE fix. The rest (clean-up and improvements) are not fixes. Those won't be picked up by stable linux. Unless there is real need for them, which I don't see at the moment, I won't apply them libretech v4.14. It is better to follow stable as much as possible.
  3. To be clear, this recent series (to net-next) is just clean up and improvement. No fix there.
  4. Hi Guys, There was a couple of issues around ethernet on gxl. This may have been the source the confusion. 1) LPA Corruption: Sometimes the LINK PARTNER Advertisement is not correctly sampled: When this happens, you see the link being negotiated at 10Mbps/Full or 10Bmps/Half instead of 100Mbps/Full This is fixed by https://github.com/libre-computer-project/libretech-linux/commit/04e76dadce3ec09bbefb45fde95580d217fc5c38. I have pushed it to libretech repo because the patch has been accepted by the net maintainer. It will eventually end-up it linux stable and future kernel releases 2) Net hangs: There are lot of ways to reproduce this issue. What worked best for me was to wget a small file (2kB) in a loop. Downloading large file in background helps. The problem is coming from EEE and Low power Idle. It should not be enabled or supported by the PHY. However, when reading the related registers, you get 0xFFFF. This is interpreted as "Yeah ! everything is supported ! go ahead !". The (proposed) fix is to prevent stmmac from trying to activate EEE in RMII mode : https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10092657/ Patch is still at RFC state, which is why I did not push it (yet) to the libretech repo. It should be safe to apply though. Hope this helps Cheers
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