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  1. @chwe WOW chwe thank you so much! Can't believe didn't notice this last page - the most helpful Many thanks to you for telling about this message, I wish you a Happy New Year and all the great things Going to try it at the nearest time...
  2. I have Orange PI PC Plus with GC2035 camera module. Upgraded to 4.13.6 sunxi-next mainline kernel and noticed that GC2035 camera driver is gone! Why is it so? Maybe someone forgot to include this driver to the kernel? People are still using these cameras and need them! If it was a conscious decision to remove the GC2035 camera from the sunxi-next tree - then, well, it was a horrible decision that should be reversed. Please return this driver. Earlier it was at ./drivers/media/video/sunxi-vfe/device/gc2035.c location, but now the directory structure could be very different...
  3. Currently the only way to get a working GC2035 camera at Orange PI PC Plus, is to 1) install Armbian 5.20 or 5.23 ( 5.24 / 5.25 and anything newer is known not to work) 2) then you need to carefully apt-get update / apt-get upgrade and hope it doesnt break However, there is a huge problem: Armbian 5.20 and 5.23 images are not available now They should have been available at these links: Armbian 5.20 - Armbian 5.23 - But they are 404 - and if you go to the root directory, , you will see that only 5.24 and newer are available, and the camera is broken at all these builds At this point 5.20 and 5.23 are much more valuable than 5.24 or 5.25. Please, could you restore 5.20 and 5.23 working camera builds at your website? (if not enough space, simply remove 5.24 and 5.25 - they are both outdated and broken camera, nobody needs them)