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  1. Interesting. I DID follow that, having used Etcher to write the image to my microSD card. I decided to try the F3 tool to confirm the stability of my card. It failed. I guess I'll be going out tomorrow to find another card. Thanks for the assist!
  2. Yes. It prompts me to enter the old password (1234), then create a new password, then confirm the new password. After I complete these three steps, I get booted off..
  3. I have Armbian (headless/server edition, no GUI) booting nicely on an OrangePi. I got the IP address from my router and SSH'd into the Pi with success. When I log in, I am asked to change the password. After I do, I receive no error message or indication that the password changed, I am simply logged out. When I reconnect, the password is back to the default of 1234 and it asks me to change the password. I'm stuck in this loop. How do I change the password and get it to save?
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