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  1. When using apt > 1.2.6 SHA1 support is dropped and files are ignored. See: With apt 1.2.10 (armhf) this Warning is generated: W: by key DF00FAF1C577104B50BF1D0093D6889F9F0E78D5 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1) /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list is: deb http://apt.armbian.comjessie main
  2. For me it will be linux-sunxi-next.config.
  3. Hi, can you add CONFIG_USBIP_CORE=m CONFIG_USBIP_VHCI_HCD=m CONFIG_USBIP_HOST=m CONFIG_USBIP_DEBUG=n to kernel config? These modules are needed for usbip. Thanks