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  1. Coolzero1982

    Haupage WinTV-dualHD

    Hello, I have a main WinTV dualHD, unt wanted this under Debian Stretch with the image from here Mainlaine Kernel, use, according to this page or even this this should work ha. However, when I plug in the stick, I get this message: dmesg I also tried this here but also without success dmesg | grep -i dvb [25.680224] em28xx 1-1.4: 1.0: DVB interface 0 found: isoc [27.298820] em28xx 1-1.4: 1.0: Identified as Hauppauge WinTV Dual HD DVB (card = 99) [27.306636] em28xx 1-1.4: 1.0: dvb set to isoc mode. [27.366717] em28xx_dvb: Unknown icon dvb_create_media_graph (err 0) I hope you have an idea Thank you
  2. Coolzero1982

    Kernel Update Cubitruck

    Hi, i use Debian Stretch 9.3 on a Cubitruck, it run‘s with a 3.14-Sunix Kernel, i wan‘t to Upgrade to a newer Kernel like 4.X, how ca i do that? Thank you? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk