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  1. mflorezm

    mysql ODBC not working

    Hi, i'm having problems to install and use MysQL ODBC connector in ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i. As you know for this version of ubuntu there is no Package 'libmyodbc' installation candidate. So, I downloaded ODBC driver for Ubuntu 16.04 directly with wget (32bit as H3 is 32 bits - but same happens with 64 bits too) Copied all libraries ( to folder /usr/local/odbc/lib then create the /etc/odbc.ini file with the following data: [MySQL-asteriskcdrdb] Description=MySQL connection to 'asteriskcdrdb' database driver=MySQL server=localhost database=asteriskcdrdb Port=3306 Socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock option=3 Charset=utf8 and create the /etc/odbcinst.ini [MySQL] Description=MySQL driver for Linux Driver=/usr/local/odbc/lib/ Setup=/usr/local/odbc/lib/ FileUsage=1 nevertheless, while using isql i always receive the following error: root@orangepiplus:/usr/local/odbc/lib# isql -vvv MySQL-asteriskcdrdb [01000][unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib '/usr/local/odbc/lib/' : file not found [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect of course it is not true, because the all the library files are there: root@orangepiplus:/usr/local/odbc/lib# ls Any ideas? is it the kernel? is it the ARMHF arquitecture? because the same process works perfect on other linux machines i386. Regards, Mauricio F.
  2. mflorezm

    Orange Pi Plus 2E now available

    Thank you jjrojo, but i'm talking of several units not just one. Thanks.
  3. Hi guidol: Your suggestion did not work (adding to /etc/rc.local). And again it did not auto connect even it is already trusted. Fortunately, i found a solution adding a cron job to connect sudo crontab -e @reboot sleep 5 && /bin/echo -e 'connect 00:58:56:7A:9F:0D \n quit \n' | bluetoothctl Regards, Mauricio F.
  4. mflorezm

    Orange Pi Plus 2E now available

    Dear Tkaiser: It has been more than a month now, and the OPI Plus 2E never came to stock again. Do you have any news? Regards,
  5. Hi everybody: I'm having problems to compile a custom user overlay on ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.18-sunxi. I tried to install linux-headers-dev-sun8i like said on, but i receive the folowwing error: Kernel headers are not installed properly. Please install the kernel headers package so, my one option is to install linux-headers-next-sunxi, but as i'm using the stable version the compiled custom user overlay only works if i switch to nigtghly automated builds using armbian-config tool. all help will be welcome. Regards, Mauricio F.
  6. mflorezm

    custom overlay for gpio-poweroff

    Hi patap, I found that the custom overlay (gpio-poweroff) stops working every time that the linux kernel next headers are updated with apt-upgrade. And i can find the way to install the headers to compile without being on next version, i can not find the header for stable version. Thanks, Mauricio F.
  7. Hi Guidol: Great post. For me everything worked great, nevertheless i can not find the way to auto connect my bluetooth speaker even as the trust command finished successfully with the bluetoothctl. Any ideas? Thanks, Mauricio F.
  8. mflorezm

    custom overlay for gpio-poweroff

    Hello everybody: I'm having problems becuase the custom overlay (gpio-poweroff) that i builded and was working on ARMBIAN 5.37.180106 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.14.11-sunxi.; Now that i moved to ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.18-sunxi stopped working. To compile gpio-poweroff.dts on this new version i had to install linux-headers-next-sunxi on newest version (5.41), so, i'm not sure if that is the problem (5.41 vs 5.38). It is the same board ORANGE PI PLUS 2E, just moved from desktop (ubuntu) image to headless server image (debian). All help will be welcome. Thanks. Mauricio F.
  9. Dear TangerineToupée: I wrote a device tree user custom overlay to enable gpio-poweroff function on pin PA13 (hwd Pin8), see atatched file. The custom overlay was tested on orange Pi plus 2e, but it must work on all allwinner H3 based boards running mainline kernel 4.1x I’m using armbian distro nigthly (kernel 4.14) as it won’t work on legacy kernel 3.x, so, I applied the custom overlay following the instructions on this link: The only problem is that the user cannot use the uart3 at the same time (hwd pins 6 and 8), but that is not a problem because H3 has 2 more uarts on the 40 pins headers that can be activated at any time. regards, MFM gpio-poweroff.dts
  10. mflorezm

    custom overlay for gpio-poweroff

    Thank you very much for your answer zador.blood.stained!!! Attached is the new file using pio and gpios = <&pio 0 13 1>. It compiles and this times it works perfectly. The user overlay was applied on boot and now works like expected. Pin PA13 (physical pin8) is forced low on halt. Regards, MFM gpio-poweroff.dts
  11. Hi Guys: I have been trying to write a custom overlay to use gpio-poweroff. I'm using ARMBIAN 5.37.180106 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.14.11-sunxi. Attached is the gpio-poweroff.dts file that i wrote and even as it compiles with sudo armbian-add-overlay gpio-poweroff.dts and it is added to the last line on armbianEnv.txt like user_overlays=gpio-poweroff, it doesn't work. On boot, it shows: Applying user provided DT overlay gpio-poweroff.dtbo failed on fdt_overlay_apply() FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND Error applying DT overlays, restoring original DT All the other other overlays ilke i2c0, uart3 works perfeclty. Any help wil be appreciated. Thanks. MFM
  12. Dear TangerineToupée: Did you find a way to compile a custom Device Tree overlay to use gpio-poweroff? i'm using kernel 4.14 on a Orange Pi Plus 2E with H3 SOC with rasbian I need the same to set a low on pin after halt. Regards, Mauricio F.