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  1. Absolutely fair point. I apologize for my lack of judgement. I'll edit my post to remove the offensive line. For the technical part of this post, is there any other recommendation you think is worth trying? If not, don't worry I'll keep searching around.
  2. @Igor, First let me apologize if my comment gave you the wrong impression. I don't know you and I even can't assume you are the only technical support person that tries to help voluntarily on a project like this. I wrote that comment because it is what it is. My suggestion was that maybe if the post were to be shown in another category other people could contribute with their knowledge and experience. I am actually quite grateful with your suggestion and out of respect for your time and knowledge I promptly did what you told me and reported back my results. Then there were no more responses from you or anyone else. After 8 days of expecting to hear back from you or anyone else I brought a new suggestion and explain my frustration of not having any responses. I was certainly hesitant to share my frustration and risk being misunderstood (as I obviously have), but this is why most people come to the forums, to reach out to others in moments of frustration. I certainly didn't mean to disrespect you in any way, so if you think I have, then I apologize again. That being said, going back to the legitimate topic of this post, I did what you suggested and it still gives the same error. I also wondered what in the log if any you noticed out of the ordinary. And I would also like to know what else should I be looking for or trying in order to identify the cause of this behavior and fix it, without having to burn the image again.
  3. @Igor, should this post be moved to another forum? I get the impression not many technical guys/gals are able to see it or maybe there are not enough people with the same problem or interested in solving this issue. The thing is I had to make a determination on which image to use with this board and I chose Armbian because previous versions had worked perfectly. So I set it up with some programs to teach kids programming and planned to use it on ten stations I prepared (I already had the ten boards). But I haven't been able to finish them up because of this networking problem.
  4. Guys, still having the problem. Any ideas?
  5. @Igor, just curious, did you find anything out of the ordinary in the armbianmonitor log? I tried to make sense of it and I did notice that it includes the same information from different dates (every boot?). Last date in the log looks kind of different though. For example look at the lines 13128 vs 13942. In any case, I don't think I have sufficient knowledge to troubleshoot this myself, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. @Igor Heres the result using armbianmonitor -U: https://pastebin.com/ZTqSkiur
  7. I have a Pine64 A64+ (2GB RAM version) with Armbian 5.75 installed. After creating the SD card image networking works perfectly, but then after a few days it just stop connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi: I can see the APs in the GUI and also using the armbian-config tool. When using armbian-config: Network -> Select default interface = wlan0 -> WiFi -> I select my home Wifi and press Return key : it says `Connecting...` then after about 30 seconds: `Could not activate connection: Activation failed: The Wi-Fi network could not be found` Troubleshooting Wired connection: I connect my board directly to my router. Using armbian-config (again) I select eth0 and try to activate it and I get the following error: `Could not activate connection: Activation failed: IP configuration could not be reserved (no available address, timeout, etc.)` How I guess it is a corrupted configuration: If I take the sdcard out and burn the same image again onto it everything works again. I've done this three times so far and it works every time, so I guess it might be something that gets corrupted on a power failure (power goes every now and then). I have tried to run dpkg-reconfigure network-manager thinking it might fix it but haven't been successful either. What can I do to fix this?
  8. @BlrUsr, From this forum: https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32/issues/1024 I don't know what the error is about but regarding your question about the Pine64 script vs your particular architecture, if you look at the script in an editor you will see it's just a convenient collection of steps to set up the Arduino IDE in our platforms. Take a look at: https://github.com/pfeerick/pine64-scripts/blob/master/install-arduino-ide.sh