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  1. Hi Franz, I've marked the Git as obsolete because the driver is in the kernel. You may need to change the device tree (DT). That's are the patches (80.-*) for: root@ubuntu ~/lib (git)-[master] # find ./ -name '80[12]*' ./patch/kernel/sunxi-next/801-dt-sun7i-add-can-bananapi.patch ./patch/kernel/sunxi-next/802-dt-sun7i-add-can-bananapro.patch ./patch/kernel/sunxi-dev/801-dt-sun7i-add-can-bananapi.patch ./patch/kernel/sunxi-dev/802-dt-sun7i-add-can-bananapro.patch root@ubuntu ~/lib (git)-[master] # cat ./patch/kernel/sunxi-next/802-dt-sun7i-add-can-bananapro.patch
  2. Hi, I don't want to bore other people with the 495th discussion about systemd. First time I had a look systemd wasn't there in armbian. Now it's standard and I need to look for another distribution. Anyway: keep your good work going ... Regards Gerd
  3. the removal of systemd is far to complex for beginners - systemd itself simply sucks I will have a look at the customizing script ....
  4. Hi, thanks for all your responses, but removing systemd afterwards isn't an option as I need an image for beginners. Regards Gerd
  5. Hi Daniel, I'm using CAN-Bus successfully on Bpi. You need some simple patches for the DT: Compile your armbian and everything runs fine ;-) Regards Gerd
  6. Hi, I want a clean Armbian image for BPi without systemd. I pulled the actual Armbian 5.02, elected jessie and vanilla/next kernel (4.4.2) and checked SYSTEMD settings: gerd@development ~/projekte/armbian/lib (git)-[master] % find ./ -type f -exec grep -H SYSTEMD {} \; ./ SYSTEMD="no" # Enable or disable systemd on Jessie in debootstrap process but systemd is still active in the created image. Is there a way to get rid off it ? I saw in the blog that systemd is now default for jessie Regards Gerd