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  1. hello , look's like the Download of Rockpi 4 A / B / C Armbian Focal is offline. https://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/dl/rockpi-4b/Focal_legacy Not Found The requested URL /armbian/dl/rockpi-4b/Focal_legacy was not found on this server.
  2. I made a test with an img from 2020. i2c is also very slow on the old image, but armbian-config is working fine.
  3. Hello, After i made the Focal update i2c is very slow and armbian-config does not start. So I made a fresh installation with Armbian Focal mainline based kernel 5.10.y But no I have the same problem. What could be the reason? Is it possible too test the i2c bus? thx greetings
  4. thx I did it now this way: sudo apt purge command-not-found sudo apt --purge autoremove sudo bash -c 'apt update && apt full-upgrade && apt autoremove && apt clean' sudo apt install ubuntu-release-upgrader-core sudo do-release-upgrade --allow-third-party I had to change armbian.list: from: deb http://apt.armbian.com focal main bionic-utils bionic-desktop to: deb http://apt.armbian.com focal main focal-utils focal-desktop looks like everithing is working, but i get this meassage when l log in: No end-user support: unsupported (bionic) userspace! how i could fix this? Armbian 21.02.3 Bionic with Linux 5.10.21-sunxi64 lsb_release -d && uname -r Description: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS 5.10.21-sunxi64 http://ix.io/2Syp
  5. This build runs well, thanks Cloud you show me a way to use usb camera, i2c or the gpio system? Should I wait until its include in Armbain or should I use the Radxa apt with armbian? Or is there a way to compile something? To use a usb camera is on the Top of my list, I would like to make some test with ffmpeg, maybe hwaccl video streaming. the rest is not important at the moment. greetings
  6. Thx for your help. Im sry too say, but with this build I cant connect vis ssh. I burned the img 3 times too the sd.
  7. Hello, I know no support for this Board, i just have some questions. I freshly installed "Armbian_20.02.5_Rockpi-s_bionic_legacy_4.4.207_minimal" after apt update, apt upgrade and reboot I cant access via ssh can you confirm this? Do you add the radxa apt, in armbian? greetings
  8. apt update and upgrade causes not the problem when I make a shortcut, with chromium, for amazon prime video, I is listed as chromium app in the task bar and then Amazon complains to use chrome. Prime video works when I start it directly with chromium streming. How could I create a launcher to a specific website with chromium streaming. Are chromium streaming and chromium different or does it no matter what I start? And when I create with Chromium Stream a desktop shortcut for youtube, will it it start with chromium stream? When I start kodi I have to input the sudo password , how could I avoid this? greetings
  9. thx this worked and then I run apt update and upgrade now amazon complains that I have to use chrome to watch the streams. So is it the best to avoid updates? greetings
  10. Hello. At first i installed the Bionic img and made upgrade and dist upgrade then I run the media script and installed all at once. at the second try I installed the bionic img and made no updates the I run the script only with the - System - Devel and - MPV aktive reboot and then the script with all other options after booth install ways I get: Kodi is working fine Youtube with chromium streaming is very well when I want to enter chromium settings I get a message: and amazon prime video gets the error 7235, I should look for an widevinecdm update. what could I too get amazon prime working? greetings
  11. Hello, I created with Armbian config a Wlan hotspot. I want to make a kan bridge because it is isolated. What's on Ubuntu Bionic the best way? With the network managers or manual way. Looks like the network management has changed, in the last years and I am confused of all the available instructions. And when I am connected to the AP from win 10 notebook I can get a ssh connection to the host. I can connect to an other client at this ap and then I connect over this client to the host. I have no idea why. How could I solve this? Greetings
  12. Orange Pi Zero Plus | 5.83 | arm64 | aarch64 | 4.19.38-sunxi64 Hello Armbian community, I set up the wifi with armbian-config, but Wifi connection get lost or after reboot it does not connect again. Is there something I could to. would it help to turn off power management ? how too? looks like i am not the first with this problem: 9213-orange-pi-zero-plus-wifi-looses-connection-tip But if its possible I do not want to turn off the network manager ____________________________________________________________________________________________ And it looks I have also a problem with the character set, i noticed this on OPI Win and on the Zero +. when I make the first update after Installation, I am asked too choose the character set. I am from Austria, therefore I choose "Latin central europa" and even with guess the optimal character set", I have a strange behavior on ssh connection. mostly from copy and paste from the Browser is this "feature" know or do I something wrong? greetings and thanks again looks like
  13. Hello, I used the wiringPi.c above, and from make I get some error: root@orangepizeroplus:/home/pi/WiringOP-Zero# make ds1302.c:30:10: fatal error: wiringPi.h: No such file or directory #include <wiringPi.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. Makefile:67: recipe for target 'ds1302.o' failed make[1]: *** [ds1302.o] Error 1 instead of "make and make install" I use: chmod +x ./build sudo ./build this finish without an error and the gpio`s are working well thanks greetings
  14. Hello again, I have Problems to "make" the alexa/avs-device-sdk on the OrangePi zero plus. looks like I have a memory overflow. All memory the ram and the swap file is full, at 95% of the compilation, when the "make" command runs. 480 M the memory and about 250M for the swap file. is ist possible to reduce the memory usage, touring "make" (like -y2 too use more cores) or could i temporary increase the swap file? How? with my orangepi winplus the compilation was successful. the maximum memory usage, while compiling was about 900M greetings
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