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  1. Ok I have new info about the case. This problem only comes when SSH requests come through Ethernet. I acquired an USB keyboard and a screen and configured the Orange PI normally (no headless mode) and connected to a wifi spot. Through this wifi connection I could successfully SSH into the OPi without trouble. That makes me believe that the problem comes from the configuration I used to use. Maybe there was some interference between the DHCP server I used to give an IP address through the Ethernet port and the SSH server of the OPi. Is the SSH configured to not listen to the Ethernet port or no
  2. Hi you all, I have flashed a good, tested and reliable 32GB SD card with the last build for Orange PI Win (armbian 5.38) and when first updating, it stucks in "waiting for headers" for too long. I have read that this is caused in Linux systems because one installs third party software whose repos take long to answer, but since here it is a first and fresh update, with nothing but armbian inside, I ask myself if it is normal or there is a problem with the servers at this moment. Only apt-get update ca take up to 1h 30 min, so it is really an annoying issue. Is anyone out there exper
  3. Ok I have the stuff (I will be using an Arduino) but on the Orange PI Win user manual says that for debugging using serial port you need to do some configuration first, and I can't since I not able to even start the session...
  4. Thank you for your fast answer!! Yes, I would be glad to collaborate with this amazing project, but I fear I don't know how to get those logs :(. Can I have them from the SSH client? as the pipe breaks I can't communicate with the board so don't think I can have any output from it!
  5. Yes I read it thoroughly, I made the speed test with F3 and it seems a legitimate Samsung SD card. And it worked properly with the old unstable armbian build, so I am convinced the SD card is not the problem. Maybe the Ethernet cable got damaged in the meantime, but ping tests doesn't throw any error, so I really think there is some issues with the build.
  6. I bought for this board the recommended SD card from the Armbian site (https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/), the Samsung EVO Plus 32Gb (note that nowdays it is the minimum size you can find on Amazon), so I don't think it is a hardware issue. I would try with other brand anyway.
  7. Yes, the image comes from the official page, but I downloaded the desktop one, not server. The old ones I successfully tried before came from that page too. The pipe breaks at different moments each time I try. It may break when typing "1234", when introducing the new password, when confirming the new password or even later. It doesn't kick the SSH session, the SSH tunnel just collapse and the computer throws back the Broken Pipe Error when after some time it doesn't detect any activity.
  8. Well, the title is self explanatory. I am trying the new stable release for the Orange PI win from armbian (thank you guys!) but when booting for the first time in headless mode via SSH through Ethernet cable it gets stuck at "Enter new UNIX password". I put the new password and nothing happens. If I unplug the cable to force the SSH server to close the connection and then I plug it back again, the password is kept the old one (default 1234) and the problem repeats. After some tests I finally got to change the password, but it gets stuck after, or even before sometimes if I reboot. It see