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  1. Hi, I installed an Epson TM-T20 II without problem using the armbian image for z28 tvbox, rockchip rock64 alike board. When I plug it, it creates a /dev/usb/lp0 port that is enough to make the printer work. But I am unable to get the same working on the amlogic images. No port is created when I add the USB printer. Could it be missing UDEV rules? Or usblp driver not being loaded by the kernel? May someone give me a light? Those boxes are optimal for POS installations, and no support for ticket printing is a handicap. BTW, awesome work with all this project, it helped me a lot.
  2. Thanks, Tried everything, finnally I got a TP-LINK TL-WN725N which worked plug and play. The DWA-131 got a rtl8192eu chip, tried almost all the drivers available on github, and also the ones for raspberry with no look. I remember a lsusb throws 2001:3319 for the dlink Will do the armbianmonitor-u when I get a chance. Tks!
  3. Hi, I spend two days trying to get the wifi dongle Dlink DWA-131 rev E1 working, but there is no way. I am running armbian ubuntu in a z28 pro (rock64 like) Could someone give me any help? Tks
  4. Installed in a z28 Pro, Q7L17021280349 2G+16G SSV6501
  5. Hi Balbes, that latest image dated january 2018 does not boot in a T95Z Plus using the Vega96 dtb. Also with your latest images dated 26122018, which work very well from the SD, I am unable to write them to the emmc. I am missing something? Process starts, then it complains about not finding android magic in the partition /dev/data, and it boots to recovery console. Tks for ur awesome work BTW
  6. Just installed this image based on armbian burning it to internal emmc using sudo ./flash_tool.sh -c rk3328 -p system -i image/ioBroker_Image_Rock64_20171211_xenial.img I connected to youtube using my mobile as a usb modem. It seems to have hw acceleration, at least youtube videos play way better than ayufan images. I got to install xubuntu-destop as it comes with no desktop. This image is made by a german company named iobroker over the armbian beta for rock64. Cinnamon or Unity does not complain about software rendering, ethernet seems unconfigured. Remove nodejs and everything on the /opt/iobroker folder. Check it http://www.iobroker.net/docu/?p=7736&lang=en
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