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  1. No, the URL field got red :-( And I don't see the image here. I just tried FireFox and there the image shows up. Brave browser apparently has problems with it.
  2. The 5.10V is applied directly to the board, not via USB. There is a PCB connected to the OPi Zero with a 5V/4A PSU on it. I know USB power supplies are crap. I got some usb chargers here that have as low as 4.65V as output voltage. I don't use these ones. But most important phenomenon: after a reboot the problems remain! And that's quite weird, must be some bitrot somewhere. And almost all of these boards suffer from these problems. As I bought most of these boards all in one order (also the PC H3 version) must be some hardware glitch somewhere. @ Guidol: just the default cpu frequencies. I never overclock a cpu. I wanted to insert this image with the "insert image from URL" button, but that does not work.
  3. Here, I have two GPIO OPiZero switches running Armbian. Same Armbian, same software, same hardware, wifi module blacklisted. One is rarely used and works fine. The other one is behaving weirdly. Fortunately this time I'm able to access the board by ssh (which is not always the case): $ timeout 1s sleep 5 timeout: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The one that works: $ timeout 1s sleep 5 (sleep just killed after 1 second) Ok, to make it weirder: The crashed one: find /usr/ -name '*ld-lijux*' find /lib/ -name '*ld-lijux*' [nothing] The working device: find /usr/ -name '*ld-lijux*' find /lib/ -name '*ld-lijux*' [nothing] Searching for the error message I stumble upon cross compiler issues. Anyway, another issue: # apt update Segmentation fault Reboot: nothing changes, same issues (!!!) The uSD is ok. Already replaced the uSD twice. Power supply is ok (5.10 V) Only a power cycle resolves these issues (temporarely). Ok, it might be a production batch issue. But: I have two H3 Orange Pi PC's having the same weird behaviour. I also run some Raspberry Pi's: never a problem. And btw: switch on the WiFi chip and you can wait for it. I just installed Armbian Buster and set the governor to "performance" as mentioned above, just to see what happens. And I suspect the hardware because a power cycle is needed. Bit rot. And I did not complain about Armbian! :-)
  4. Oh, and freezing also means that some services still work. E.g. ssh still listens on tcp port 22 but no ssh connection possible. Time is sometimes weird, like 1937 or 2178. Sometimes nullmailer works as I receive messages that a certificate is out of date, due to a local time of 21 dec 1937 when the cert was not valid yet.
  5. I have some 20 Orange Pi Zero's around and I tried quite a few images, the last one was Devuan. I installed it two days ago and this morning I found it crashed. Anyway, I fear the the hardware is definitly unstable. I tried to limit the CPU freq, but no way. A reboot does not solve the issue, you really have to give it a power cycle (!) Some boards can run for months, other will crash after a few hours. I ordered some Raspberry Pi Zero-W now and I will replace these boards. And I have two Orange Pi PC boards (H3): same issue. Switching on the WiFi reduces the uptime a lot so I blacklisted the xr819 module on all boards. I just installed Armbian buster, just to see what happens before they end up in the trash bin. I definitively lost confiance in these boards. I have lost too much time with this crap. Sorry boys.