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  1. Dear lanefu, I am in the same boat. Would also like to fully automate the setup of my Odroid devices. Also I am not capable of programming to make armbian-config scriptable. Any progress on figuring out what System->DTB actually does, so that we can Ansiblify that step? Best, -jsl
  2. Hey, I am new to Armbian, but not new to Linux, kernel building or Raspberries. Running a Tinkerboard and an Odroid HC1 at home right now and also toying around with the Armbian build chain! Thanks to all the active developers and the community for providing Armbian! Much appreciated! I was wondering why apparently there is no Raspberry Pi support. Am I missing something? Is it too obvious? Or is there really no image for the grandfather of SoCs? I have a couple of RPi3s laying around which I would like to activate. I'd like to run all my small machines with the same OS to keep maintenance and learning curve low.